It’s week four of the auditions on “American Idol”. As the show begins, Lionel and Luke announce that there will be a fourth judge this season. Katy announces that she is going to have a baby; adding she is going to get fat and everything will be bigger.

Luke has to remove a splinter from Katy’s finger.

Dental student Danny La Bota gets the auditions started off with his version of “Royals” by Lorde. Katy called Danny one of the most original people on Idol this season. Luke said that Danny had an old school vintage voice. Lionel noted that Danny had control and a crazy range. Danny got his ticket to Hollywood with three yeses.

Several of the auditioners were more interested in seeing Luke.

But Lou Dawg had no idea who any of the judges were. He chose an original song for his audition. After Lou called Lionel Pat Sayjak, Lionel turned his chair around. Luke said that Lou almost had it but wondered whether he had enough to make it through the show. Katy said that it felt more like a hobby. When asked if he wanted it, Lou said that he didn’t know what “it” is. Noting that it would take a lot of work, Katy said yes, but the guys said no but encouraged Lou to find “it” and come back.

Devon Alexander grew up in a log cabin with a TV that got only one channel – the one Idol was on. The judges were into it and gave Devon his ticket to Hollywood.

Makayla Phillips auditioned in 2017 but was two weeks too young at the time. She returns to try again and gave Katy chills. Makayla got her her ticket to Hollywood.

Mosean Wilson chose an original song for his audition that he performed on his own keyboard. Luke said that Mosean is what it’s all about. Katy said that he has an incredible voice. Lionel said that they felt it and gave Mosean a hug. Lionel said that they are standing behind him and gave Mosean a ticket to Hollywood.

After clips of yes votes, Faith had questions about her. While they thought she had a good voice, they weren’t sure she was taking herself serious. Saying that Faith had a ton of potential, Katy said yes…and Luke agreed giving Faith her ticket to Hollywood.

After meeting at church Kat (Luna) and Space Cowboy (Alejandro) auditioned together with “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”. Luke asked if they were real people and Katy was in tears. Luke said that Space Cowboy is a good Instagram name. Luke said that it never happens that two people knock it out of the park. Kat got three yeses and then Alex also got three yeses for both singers to get their tickets to Hollywood.

Tavia brought her “girl-tarist” Terry to play with her. She chose the Gloria Gaynor hit “I Will Survive” for her audition. Calling them entertaining, Katy said that they duo should be a permanent duo, but noted the voice was sometimes iffy. Katy and Lionel said that she needs a little more work. This was Tavia’s first time doing an audition.

Sophia Wackerman comes from a musical family and played the piano for her audition. Luke said that Sophia has a signature tone. Lionel said that Sophia is several different threats that work in her favour. Katy said that Sophia has her own style with instant identity. Sophia got her ticket to Hollywood. Katy took Sophia out to meet the other singers to tell them to bring it because they have some really good singers.

Savannah is reportedly a haunted city, Jimmy Levy comes from a family of mediums and psychics. Jimmy’s mom comes in and has some psychic advice for the judges. Lionel called Jimmy a great front man for an Alternative band. Katy said that Jimmy would need a lot of work but gave him a yes. The guys also gave him a yes and Jimmy got his ticket to Hollywood. Jimmy said that his mother saw him getting the ticket seven years ago.

Dance team member Olivia Ximines performed with her dance team before singing for the judges. Lionel noted that Olivia had her dancers. Lionel called the performance fantastic. Katy called Olivia a delight. Luke said that Olivia has a sparkling personality. Olivia got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Marna Michele is the first singer to audition for the show who uses a wheelchair. Luke said that Marna has incredible range but wanted her to dig in a little more. Lionel told her to concentrate on the story because it loses the emotion. Katy gives Marna a little voice lesson. With three yeses, Marna has a ticket to Hollywood. Katy told Marna that she would be treated the same as the other singers.

West Virginia native Zack Dobbins comes from a musical family. He has never been to Hollywood…or on an airplane. Luke tuned up Zack’s guitar at the beginning of the original song Zach chose for his audition. Lionel was fascinated but couldn’t put it in words. Katy called Zack authentic. Luke said that they didn’t want to change Zack but they would teach him a little about singing. Zack got his ticket to Hollywood. Katy called Zack a diamond in the rough.

In the final audition of the night, Ren Patrick chose “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn for her audition. Luke called Ren an incredible singer; adding she did a great job. Lionel said that Ren’s got an instrument and he is interested in seeing how far she can go with that instrument. Katy brought Ren’s mom in and gave her the ticket to Hollywood.