On March 6 the city of Austin, Texas canceled the annual SXSW Festival over concerns of the corona virus.

Many large events like the SXSW Festival are covered by insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances; however, a cancellation due to health concerns is not covered by the insurance policy.

However, some Festival organizers have taken matters into their own hands and are trying to salvage what they can of the Festival event that was set to begin later this week.

Noting that the cancellation has impacted thousands of artists; Heard Presents, Prism.FM, Red River Cultural District. Giant Noise, Barracuda, Beerland, Cheer Up Charlies, Empire Control Room & Garage, Elysium, Mohawk, and Stubbs are banding together to raise money to help cover the expenses incurred by artists who were scheduled to perform at SXSW.

Noting that there are thousands of workers, businesses, organizations, and artists who depend on SXSW to survive; the group who has banded together to “ensure as many artists and events that want to continue on and perform a showcase in Austin in the following weeks are able to do so; provide financial relief to artists, workers, and partners who have incurred unrecoupable expenses in connection with confirmed events and performances; provide financial relief for artists workers and partners who have lost income that they counted on to pay bills, rent, etc.; and to cover any additional expenses that may be incurred to ensure safety of patrons of these events as required by our local, state, and federal governments.

In a statement issued by the Band Together group stated, “our venues and staff are ready and willing to work to make ten glorious days of music, art, culture and technology happen across our city, and more folks around town are joining us every minute. Artists and workers have incurred expenses to get to and stay in the ‘Live Music Capitol of the World’ during the next few weeks. Some may have been reimbursed or refunded but many folks are out thousands of dollars. Our goal is to keep as many artists as possible coming to Austin. We also want to assist rehoming events that are losing their venues or can’t afford to pay for equipment or staff.”

Band Together is asking anyone interested in participating in the upcoming events to contact them.