Summer is almost over and so is another season of “So You Think You Can Dance”. Only four dancers remain – Gino, Bailey, Sophie, and Mariah.

The show opens with the final four and the All Stars with a routine inspired by the upcoming film “Cats” and choreographed by award winning Mandy Moore.

It’s the final night of competition with the final four dancing with each other, an All Star, and a solo performance.

Sophie and Gino get the competition started off with a Ray Leeper Jazz routine. Cat Deely called it a great opening to the show. Mary said that they danced wonderfully; adding that it was so together and she loved it. D-Trix also loved the routine…but was hoping for the kiss. Laurieann said that they attacked the dance fearlessly. Nigel noted that the technique was brilliant.

Mariah and Bailey perform a Smooth Jazz routine where Bailey gets to dance with his dream girl when she comes to life and earned some rousing cheers from the crowd. Bailey gave Mariah flowers. D-Trix said that he was blown away. Laurieann said that they both have a God given gift. Nigel noted that Bailey has had the biggest journey on the show; adding that watching him dance puts a smile on his face. Nigel said that Mariah is a joy to watch. Mary noted that both of the dancers get to her and fill her with joy.

Gino performs his solo and brought the judges to their feet.

Sophie pairs up with All Star Marko for a Talia Favia Contemporary piece and brought the judges to their feet. Laurieann thanked Talia for giving Sophie a piece to show off her strength. Nigel said that Sophie proved tonight that female dancers are just as strong as the men. Mary noted that the dance was full of passion; adding that Sophie was remarkable. D-Trix called it Sophie’s best performance of the season; adding that the routine should be nominated for an Emmy.

Bailey pairs up with All Star Comfort for a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine. The only Hip-Hop dancer to make it to the final four, Bailey called dancing with Comfort a dream come true. The judges were on their feet and the crowd was going crazy. After calling Luther Brown a genius, Nigel called Bailey Mr. Comfortable. Mary said that Bailey nailed it and was bad to the bone. D-Trix noted how difficult the style was and Bailey nailed it. Laurieann told Bailey to own it and gave him bragging rights.

Sophie performed her solo.

Mariah and Gino perform a Quickstep choreographed by “Dancing with the Stars” pros Sharna and Artem and brought the judges to their feet. Ballroom expert Mary Murphy noted that the Quickstep is one of the most feared dances on the show; adding that they did a respectable job. D-Trix said that they did a great job. Laurieann loved the pairing. Noting that it is usually the dancer’s downfall, Nigel said tonight it was uplifting.

Sophie and Bailey take on the other feared dance in the competition…Bollywood choreographed by Nakul. D-Trix called it an awesome routine; adding that they did a great job. Laurieann liked the storytelling but they fell a little short on the details. Nigel noted that both of them have danced better. Mary said that they were so much fun.

Mariah performs her solo.

Gino pairs up with SYTYCD champion Melanie for a Jaci Royal Contemporary dance routine and brought the judges to their feet. Laurieann called it an emotional night; adding that Gino’s future is limitless. Nigel noted that being emotional is an asset. Mary called Gino the lucky one; adding that there is no life without passion. D-Trix noted that for Gino to leearn to let go is a win…and he just won.

Bailey finishes out the solo performances bringing the judges to their feet and sending the house into a frenzy.

Mariah pairs up with All Star Robert for a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine. Cat called the routine absolutely gorgeous. Noting that Mandy always find lifts that are impossible, Nigel said that Robert always brings out the best in his partners. Mary noted that Mariah was just floating on the stage; adding that she is the luckiest person alive to sit and watch the routines every week. D-Trix called it a beautiful moment; adding that Mariah is wonderful. Laurieann told Mariah to own it, to own her victory.

Bailey and Gino pair up for the first time to perform an Al Blackstone Broadway routine and brought the judges to their feet. Nigel said that for him this has been the best top four ever. He noted that this was his favourite routine of the series. Mary said that they are definitely the new couple to beat; adding that they are the first two guys to make it on the hot tamale train. D-Trix said that he was getting Donnell O’Connor vibes. Laurieann compared the guys to Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines in “White Nights”.

Maria and Sophie pair up the first time this season to finish out the night of performances with a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine and brought the judges to their feet. D-Trix called it an awesome routine; adding that they did an amazing job. Laurieann said that she knew Mariah could do Hip-Hop but Sophie can too. Nigel called it an incredible Hip-Hop routine; adding that the dancers demand that Americans vote. Mary said that the girls tore the house down.

Next week, the winner will be crowned in a night packed full of dance routines.