Songwriters and artists have long found inspiration in their fellow artists, but there are times when that inspiration crosses the line into plagiarism.

In 1997 the British rock band The Verve took a little liberty and sampled just a bit too much of the strings in the symphonic version of The Rolling Stones song “The Last Time” when creating their signature song “Bittersweet Symphony”.

As a result of the faux pas, The Verve were stripped of their rights to any royalties from the song.

Over 10 years after The Verve have split up, the long standing controversy surrounding the song has been resolved. Stones members Keith Richards and Sir Mick Jagger have agreed to relinquish their rights to claim royalties on the song.

For the first time since the song was released in 1997, members of The Verve will receive royalties for “Bittersweet Symphony”.