On Sunday night the remaining 14 contestants on “American Idol” performed in hopes of making it to the top 10.

The fans will choose seven of the top 10 with the judges picking the final three singers.

All 14 of the hopefuls will sing after learning their results. For the seven who are in danger, the judges will choose three of them to fill out the top 10.

Up first to learn her fate is Madison Vandenberg. Ryan revealed that America has voted to put Madison in the top 10.

Next up was Evelyn Cormier who is the first singer to be in danger and will have to hope that her performance impressed the judges enough to put her through to the top 10.

Walker Burroughs comes to the stage to learn his fate and finds that he will join Madison in the top 10. Walker also revealed that back home a local ice cream parlour has dedicated an ice cream flavour to him. Katy has aquired a bucket of the ice cream named for Walker Burroughs and they are eating it.

Ryan revealed that this season’s youngest singer Riley Thompson did not impress the fans enough with her performance of “Suds in the Bucket” to be voted into the top 10.

Next up Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is the next person to learn his fate. Sir Elton John said via Instagram that Jeremiah’s performance took his breath away. The fans agreed and put Jeremiah in the top 10. Jeremiah chose to play the piano and perform an original song for his performance.

Alyssa Raghu is hoping to make the top 10 on her second try…but has so far not made it to the top 10. She has chosen to sing a Katy Perry song for her performance.

After performing “Trouble” on Sunday night, America has decided that Wade Cota should be a part of the top 10.

Next up is Dimitrius to learn whether or not he will be a part of the top 10 and he is not…at least not yet.

Laci Kay Booth is the next singer to learn her fate and learned that her risk of singing a Blink-182 song paid off and she is in the top 10.

Eddie Island was not chosen by America to be a part of the top 10 but hopes his performance of a Kings of Leon song will impress the judges enough to give him a spot.

Ashley Hess did not get voted into the top 10 and will have to sing for her life.

Also trying to make a comeback, Laine Hardy has made it to the top 10.

It’s down to Alejandro Aranda and Uche for the final spot in the top seven before the judges have their say.

In the final fan vote results of the night, Alejandro is moving on to the top 10. Alejandro also chose top perform an original song.

Uche gives the final performance of the night and chose to sing “Diamonds”. When the judges gave their remarks, Lionel came up on the stage and said that Uche is an entertainer; adding that there is only one place for an entertainer and walked Uche over to the side of the stage for the top 10.

Saying that he has changed his mind three time, Luke chose to put Dimitrius in the top 10.

With the final pick, Katy chose Alyssa Raghu as the final singer in the top 10.

Eddie Island, Riley Thompson, Ashley Hess, and Evelyn Cormier have all been eliminated from the competition.