For the first time in “The Voice” history, they have introduced a new round of battles…the cross battles where singers from opposing teams will battle for fan votes.

The artists have no idea whom they will be battling until they take the stage. Each singer performs a song of their own choosing.

Going first, Blake chose Kim Cherry for a battle. Blake chose Kelly and Betsy Ade for a battle.

Next up Adam chose Mari for a battle. Adam chose long time coaching partner Blake as the challenger. Blake picked Selkie as the challenger.

John chose Lisa Ramey for a battle and chose Kelly to challenge. Kelly chose Karen Galera as the challenger.

Kelly chose Matthew Johnson for a battle and Kelly chose Adam as the challenger. Adam chose Domienic Haynes as the challenger.

Kelly chose Presley Tennant for a battle and John as the challenger. John chose Kayslin Victoria as his challenger.

Adam chose Celia Babini for a battle and chose Blake again as the challenger. Blake chose Olive Blu as the challenger.

Blake chose Dexter Roberts for a battle and chose Adam as the challenger. Adam chose Andrew Jannakos as his challenger.

In the final battle of the night, John chose Maelyn Jarmon for the battle. John chose Adam as the challenger and picked Rod Stokes for his challenger.

On Monday night 16 singers performed in the first ever cross battles where the singers did not know whom they would be battling until they took the stage.

The steal makes a return and the save comes into play for the first time this season as coaches fight to hold on to their team members after the first fan vote of the season. The coaches will have only 10 seconds to make their decisions to save or steal.

New coach and multiple award winner John Legend gets the night started off with a performance of his new single, “Preach”.

In the first results of the night Kim and Betsy learn their fate with Kim Cherry winning the fan vote. John and Adam pushed their buttons to steal Betsy. Betsy chose Adam as her coach; this is her third coach this season.

After Matthew and Domenic battled it out n song, host Carson Daly named Matthew as the winner. Adam took only one second to push his button and save Domenic.

In the battle between Maelyn and Rod, Carson named Maelyn as the winner o the battle. Kelly pushed her button steal Rod Stokes.

In the battle between Celia Babini and Oliv Blu, Carson named Oliv Blue as the winner of the battle. John pushed his button to steal Celia.

So far no one has gone home as the coaches are quickly using up their steals.

In the battle between Presley and Kayslin, Presley is the winner. Kayslin is the first singer to be eliminated in this round.

In the battle between Lisa and Karen, Lisa is the winner of the battle. Karen has been eliminated.

In the battle between Mari and Selkie, Mari is the winner. Blake pushed his button to save Selkie.

IN the final results of the night, Dexter and Andrew finish out the night with Dexter Roberts getting the win.

Next week the remaining artists will battle it out as the cross battle conclude.