The auditions are over and 175 hopefuls move on to Hollywood Week for the most grueling week of the season on their way to being the next “American Idol”.

Radio personality Bobby Bones returns this season to serve as a mentor for the singers.

Round one all of the singers must give a solo performance A Capella…unless they provide their own music. Noticing that Colby Swift had holes in his boots, Luke Bryan gave Colby his boots.

After a round that had Katy throwing things, 98 singers survived to move on to some all night rehearsals and the group round.

After a trip to the hospital and barely able to talk, Nate Walker survived the group round.

About 70 singers survived the group round for the last shot to the final round…a solo performance with the band. Only 40 singers will be able to move on.

Joanna got a big surprise when her boyfriend not only showed up for Hollywood Week but proposed to her on stage and she said yes.

Once all of the performances are over the singers are divided into three rooms. Two of the rooms will be moving on to the Final Judgement round but one room will be going home.

The singers that make it to the Final Judgement round will get a big surprise…a trip to Hawaii to perform before half of them are eliminated.