It’s the final week of auditions on “American Idol” before the singing hopefuls make their way to Hollywood for the toughest week in the competition.

Katy celebrates her birthday during the Louisville auditions including a video message from Dolly Parton and a Louisville slugger bat.

Big Katy Perry fan Jessica Whitley returns to Idol after a seven year absence to give it another go but again failed to get her golden ticket.

Jacob Moran blew the judges away and earned his ticket to Hollywood. Luke said that Jacob was the best voice in Kentucky.

Several auditioners returned from previous seasons, and some of them earned their tickets to Hollywood. After being eliminated in the top 24 last season, Alyssa Raghu returned to audition again and after giving Luke goosebumps, she got her ticket to Hollywood for another try.

And after numerous wannabes, Colby Swift walked in and brought a smile to Luke’s face. Luke said that Colby reminded him of himself at 19. Despite the judges feeling that Colby is very unpolished, he got his ticket to Hollywood.

Evelyn Cormier chose the Chris Isaaks song “Wicked Game” for her audition. Katy called it one of her favourite voices ever. Evelyn got her ticket to Hollywood.

Former dental hygienist Ashley Hess played the piano as she auditioned with a Norah Jones song. Ashley had the judges gathering around the piano to hear hers sing. After praising Ashley for her control, she got her ticket to Hollywood.

Gaba chose an Adele song for her audition. Luke said that Gaba has a very polished voice. Gaba go her ticket to Hollywood.

Cheerleader and straight A student Peach Martine got mixed remarks from the judges but ended up getting her ticket to Hollywood.

While it is a singing competition, many of the singers bring their instruments along and had to get some help from the judges in getting their guitars tuned up.

Construction worker Dalton Elliott can put up his tools for a while, while he goes to Hollywood.

Katie Belle chose Jennifer Hudson’s version of “Golden Slumbers” for her audition and while Katy thinks Katie needs to work on her voice, Katie Belle got her ticket to Hollywood.

For the final audition on the Sunday night episode, 27 year old widow Lauren Engle chose an original song about her husband for her audition and earned her ticket to Hollywood.

In the final audition show on Monday, the last group of hopefuls audition in hopes of getting their golden tickets to Hollywood.

Jade Flores got the show kicked off and impressed the judges with her entertaining, not just singing. She got her ticket to Hollywood.

Jacob O’Brien chose to sing an original song he wrote about America as he auditioned wearing a flag shirt. But only Luke gave him a yes vote.

Christian Padavan chose a Billy Joel song for his audition. Katy told Christian to bring in his girlfriend, who is very shy. Christian got his ticket to Hollywood. They talked the girlfriend into singing.

Ryan Hammond grew up singing in church chose a Sam Smith song for his audition as his family listened at the door. Lionel said that Ryan made the song his own. Ryan got his ticket to Hollywood.

Chloe Channell brought Country music star Billy Dean to play guitar for her audition. Chloe got her ticket to Hollywood. Luke and Billy sang together.

Emma Kleinberg chose an Allen Stone song for her audition and earned her ticket to Hollywood.

Zeb Spencer showed off a little of clogging expertise before singing. Luke called Zeb his favourite Country voice over the past two years. He got his tcket to Hollywood.

Israeli born Jorgie performed an original song with his band – violin and piano – for his audition. After Lionel said that Jorgie nailed it, he got his ticket to Hollywood.

Hunkasourous Rex” – Nick Merico is a veteran of Nickelodeon TV. He chose an Amy Winehouse song for his audition as he played the piano. After the audition, Luke asked if they could school him on the girls screaming. Nick got his ticket to Hollywood.

Lady Mapo dressed in black walked into the room but when she got ready to sing, she pulled her wig off and it was last season’s winner Maddie Poppy. Many of the former Idols made surprise visits during the auditions this season.

Fireman Jared Sanders chose a George Srait song for his audition as Caleb Lee Hutchinson looked on with the judges. With only a yes from Lionel, Jared did not get his ticket to Hollywood.

For the final audition of the season, Jackson Gillies amazed Luke and earned his ticket to Hollywood.

Next week it’s on o Hollywood…