The qualifying rounds are over and it’s time for the battles to begin with the duel rounds on “World of Dance”.

First up is the Upper Division with 10 dance acts to perform for only six spots. New this season is the redemption round where the two top scoring acts that were eliminated will have one final chance to make it on the show.

After earning the highest score in the qualifying round, Tobias and the EZTwins chose to challenge the tap dancing duo the D’Angelo Brothers. During rehearsals one of the brothers fell and broke his nose and a finger. After the duel, the D’Angelo Brothers scored 89.7 points and Tobias and the EZTwins scored 87.3 points giving the D’Angelo Brother the win. Jennifer said that it was the first time she had ever gotten goosebumps from a tap routine.

Next up Denise and Josh chose to battle Jonathan y Jorge. With a trick filled routine that set the hse on fire, Jonathan y Jorge scored 90.7 points and Denise and Josh scored 90 points giving Jonathan y Jorge the win.

WOD Thailand champions DD Flection chose Poppin John for a battle. DD Reflection scored 89 points and Poppin John scored 91.3 points to take the win.

Derek Piquette chose to battle Derion and Madison; saying that he wanted to challenge himself. With Jennifer saying that it was going to be a hard duel to score, Derion and Madison scored 90 points and Derek Piquette scored 89.3 points giving Derion and Madison he win.

In the final duel the duo All Ready will battle it out with Briar Nolet. All Ready scored 92.3 points and Briar Nolet earned 90.3 points. All Ready wins the battle, but Briar gets one more chance in the redemption duel.

In the final dance of he night Briar Nolet and Denise and Josh will battle it out for the final spot in he Upper Division.

In the final decision of the night, the judges chose Briar Nolet as the winner of the redemption duel.

Next week, another division will battle it out for a spot in the next round.