It’s the final night of the Blind Auditions on “The Voice”. John has only one spot remaining on his team, Blake has two spots open, and Adam and Kelly need three more singers each to fill their teams.

First up is Celia Babini who’s photographer father is traveling and won’t be able to make it to her blind audition. But backstage she gets a really big surprise when her dad shows up. She gets the show started with a four chair turn and brings the coaches to their feet.

Cecily Hennigan only got one chair to turn, but one was all she needed.

Kalvin Jarvis is the son of a rapper but chose to sing one of John Legend’s own songs for his blind audition and had John grooving along with the performance. Kalvin got a two chair turn for his audition.

Ava August is the youngest person to ever audition for the show at age 13. But her performance of “House of the Rising Sun” failed to turn any chairs.

New dad David Owens chose the Bonnie Raitt song “I Can’t Make You Love Me” for his audition and got Kelly to turn her chair.

Presley Tennant impressed Kelly enough to get her to turn her chair for the second time Kelly had no competition from the guys. Now each of the coaches need only one person to fill their teams.

Rod Stokes didn’t begin singing until he was 20 years old and it was at church. Rod got all three of the guys to turn their chairs. After Rod chose Blake to be his coach. Blake is the first coach to fill his team.

Calista Garcia is a modern day hippie who loves to sing about peace and love. While she failed to turn any chairs, she did have the coaches dancing in their chairs.

Andrew Janakos got a two chair turn and with Blake’s team full, he could not claim another Country singer. After choosing Adam to be his coach, Adam’s team is full.

Kayslin Victoria got both of the coaches with a spot on their teams to push their buttons. John’s team is now full.

Maddie Frasier chose a Janis Joplin song for her audition but failed to impress Kelly enough to turn her chair.

And it took er a while to find the artist she wanted.

Kelly finally fills her team when Jackson Marlow – Red . Marlow’s nephew – took the stage. And Kelly finally scored her Country music guy.

Next week when the battle rounds begin; Charlie Puth, Kelsea Ballerini, Khalid, and Country music duo Brooks and Dunn join the coaches to mentor the team members.

The teams:
Team Adam:
Domenic Haynes
Jimmy Mowery
Trey Rose
Karly Moreno
Patrick McAloon
LB Crew
Ciera Dumas
Anthony Ortiz
Celia Babini
Kalvin Jarvis
Andrew Janakos

Team Blake:
Gyth Rigdon
Hannah Kay
Kim Cherry
Lili Joy
Carter Lloyd Horne
Dexter Roberts
Dalton Dover
Kendra Checketts
Andrew Sevener
Cecily Hennigan
Rod Stokes

Team Kelly:
The Bundys
Karen Galera
Rizzi Myers
Alena D’Amico
Jej Vinson
Rebecca Howell
Beth Griffith-Manley
Abby Kasch
Mikeala Astel
David Owens
Presley Tennant
Jackson Marlow

Team John:
Julian King
Lisa Ramey
Maelyn Jarmon
Matthew Johnson
Savannah Brister
Jacob Maxwell
Talon Cordon
Betsy Ade
Dentin Arnell
Oliv Blu
Shawn Sounds
Kaslin Victoria