The battles are over, the knockouts have concluded, and the teams have been assembled; only to haven them slowly taken away via the fans choice.

On Monday night the top 13 finalists performed their dedication songs. Tonight, the first eliminations will e made when two of the 13 go home.

When the results show went on the air six of the 13 artists had their songs in the top 10 of the various iTunes genre charts.

Host Carson Daly gets the show started off with the first results of the night…
The first safe artist is team Adam’s Reagan Strange. Carson noted that she was the most streamed artist on Apple Music after the show.

The next safe artist is team Blake’s Kirk Jay

Also safe is team Jennifer’s Kennedy Holmes

After a break, Carson reveals the next two artists that are safe…
From team Kelly Chavel Shepherd is safe

From team Blake’s Chris Kroeze

Adam Levine takes the stage with his team members – DeAndre, Regan, and Tyke for a performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “Reannon”.

In the next results…
Team Adam’s DeAnde Nico is safe

Team Kelly’s Kymberlie Joye is also safe

Team Jennifer’s Makenzie Thomas is also safe

The Grinch visits “The Voice” stage.

Kelly takes the stage with her all girl team of Chavel, Lynnea, Kymberli, and Sarah Grace for a performance of “I Will Always Love You”.

The last five artists learn their fates – who is safe and who is in danger of going home…
Team Blake’s Dave Fenley is safe, making all of Blake’s team safe

Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace is also safe

Sandyred, Lynnea, and Tyke will all have to perform one more time for fan votes via the instant save in Twitter.

Sandyred sang “Believer”.

Tyke James sang “Home”. Carson made the observation that it was an interesting choice to sing a song about wanting to go home for a potential last song.

Lynnea sang “If I Ain’t Got You”.

In the final results of the night…
America saved Lynnea Moorer via the instant save. Tyke James and Sandyredd have been eliminated from the competition.