The Baseball Writer’s Association of America have released the names of players who are eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Once a player becomes eligible – five years after he has retired from the game – he remains eligible for 10 years. After that it will be up to the Veteran’s Committee.

Over the last five years, the BBWAA has inducted 16 players. This year there is a whole new crop of players whose name could become a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Copperstown, New York.

Players must earn a minimum of 80 percent to become a members of the Hall of Fame. A number of the players who have been on the ballot for the past several years are facing somewhat of a long climb due to issues with performance enhancing substance issues.

Players on the ballot for the 2019 MLB Hall of Fame:
New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera
Two time Cy Young Award winning pitcher Roy Halladay
Colorado Rockies Todd Helton
New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte
Seattle Mariners Edgar Martinez – entering his last year of eligibility
Fred McGriff
Home run king Barry Bonds
Pitcher Roger Clemments
Pitcher Curt Schilling
Mike Mussina
Sammy Sosa
Manny Ramirez
Colorado Rockies Larry Walker
Short Stop Omar Vizquel
Andruw Jones
Scott Rolen
Jeff Kent
Gary Sheffield
Billy Wagner
Lance Berkman
Roy Oswalt
Rick Ankiel
Jason Bay
Freddy Garcia
Jon Garland
Travis Hafner
Ted Lilly
Derek Lowe
Darren Oliver
Juan Pierre
Placido Polanco
Miguel Tejada
Vernon Wells
Kevin Youkilis
Michael Young