It’s night two of the Knockout Rounds and mentor Mariah Carey.

Blake and Kelly have used their one steal and Adam and Jennifer have used their save on the first night.

Jennifer gets things started with a battle between Franc West with “Call Out My Name” and Tyshawn Colquitt with “Pillowtalk”. Saying Oh my gosh, Kelly noted that Tyshawn’s range is insane. Adam said that both guys gave infectious performances; adding that they were dead even. Blake noted that Tyshawn’s range is unbelievable. Jennifer noted that Tyshawn’s voice has no end to it and Franc’s voice cuts like a knife and demands attention. Jennifer said that she wished both guys could stay. Jennifer chose Franc as the winner of the battle. Jennifer noted that she would have saved Tyshawn if she had a save and Kelly noted that she would have stolen Tyshawn if she had a steal.

Kelly paired Abby Cates with the Kelly Clarkson song “Because of You” and Claire DeJean with the Shawn Mendes song “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”. Jennifer noted that Kelly couldn’t go wrong either way. Adam said that both girls were great and both of them delivered. Kelly said that both of them filled a similar vein and she could only keep one of them. After taking all of their performances in account, Kelly named Abby Cates as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Blake paired Country guys Dave Fenley with the Lionel Richie song “Stuck on You” and Kameron Marlowe with the reggae themed song “I Shot the Sherirf”. Jennifer noted that they got the audience revved up. Calling it a hard pairing, Kelly noted that both guys are different but both are also great and equal. Saying that he didn’t like it, Blake noted that both were Country guys but chose not to do a Country song. Blake chose Dave as the winner of the battle. Adam used his steal on Kameron. Adam is the first coach to use both his save and steal.

The Knockout Rounds conclude next week.

Knockout Rounds:
Team Adam:
Tyke James
Reagan Strange
Radha – save
Kameron Marlowe – steal

Team Kelly:
Keith Paluso – steal
Kymberlie Joye

Abby Cates

Team Blake:
Natasia Greycloud – steal
Dave Fenley

Team Jennifer:
MaKenzie Thomas
Patrique Fortson
Sandyred – save
Franc West