On Sunday night the Juniors got in the Halloween spirit to kick of a two night Halloween event. On Monday night the adults continue the frightful dances for their ghoulish celebration of All Hallow’s Eve.

The night of dance opened with the eight remaining couples performed a group dance to a modern version of “Purple People Eater” that was choreographed by Emmy Award winner Mandy Moore.

Zombie star Milo and Witney get the night of freaks and frights started off with a Contemporary dance straight out of the insane asylum. Witney called it one of the creepiest dances she has ever choreographed. With rousing applause, host Tom Bergeron said “two dance over the cuckoo’s nest;” adding what a way to start off the night. Head judge Len Goodman is known as a traditionalist when it comes to Ballroom dancing and is not a big fan of Jazz and Contemporary dance; but this routine had Len spellbound and held his attention. Bruno called the dance mind bending, insanely good, and brilliantly twisted. Calling the dance so impressive, Carrie Ann said that it was a beautifully mature performance and Milo was in control. Carrie Ann called them a dynamic duo. Saying that the dance was awesome, Erin noted that the dance looked professional. Milo and Witney opened the show with a perfect score of 30 points.

John and Emma went back in time to ancient England for their Paso Doble with John as Henry VIII and Emma his beheaded wife Ann Boleyn. After the dance, Emma was very excited over John’ performance. Calling the routine a historical tragedy, Bruno said that John attacked the dance like a war horse but had many mistakes. Noting that she could see how much effort John was making, Carrie Ann said that although the dance was filled with content and shapes, it was one of John’s roughest dances. Len said that everything John did in hold was terrific but things went a bit cranky when they were apart. Erin said that she thought the dance was freaking awesome. Emma called it an epic dance and John slayed it. John and Emma scored 19 points for their dance.

DeMarcus and Lindsay went to the graveyard or their Salsa that started out with the girls in coffins. Carrie Ann said that DeMarcus lit up the Ballroom; adding that he did every step with clairity. Len said that the dance was full of rhythm and choreography; adding that DeMarcus lept up with the Troupe guys and had a breakthrough tonight. Bruno said that DeMarcus was so tight that he looked like a part of the Troupe; adding that DeMarcus was firing on all cylinders. DeMarcus and Lindsay scored 26 points for their dance.

Evanna and Keo performed a Tango to “Disturbia”. Tom noted that they wanted to change things up and it looked like they did. Len said that the dance had plenty of Tango content; adding that it was sharp, crisp, and full on. Len said that Evanna came out and sold the dance. Bruno said that Evanna went from a tame pussy cat to a wild panther. Bruno said that the dance was strong and sexy with beautiful lines. Saying that Evanna was on fire, Carrie Ann said that Evanna nailed it and was so fierce tonight. Erin said that Evanna looked smoking hot. Evanna and Keo scored 29 points for their dance.

The award winning dance troupe Jabbewakeez performed.

Bobby and Sharna dances an Argentine Tango to a spooky version of The Chordettes hit song “Mr. Sandman”. Bruno called it an Argentine nightmare; adding that Bobby had some chilling storytelling. Calling it intriguing, Bruno said that the dance read more like a Contemporary routine than an Argentine Tango. Calling the dance bizarre, Carrie Ann said that it was Bobby’s best dance so far and mesmerized her. While the dance had mood and atmosphere, Len wanted more Argentine Tango content; adding that he liked the feel of the dance. Erin agreed and said that it was Bobby’s best dance. Calling Sharna a role model, Bobby gave all the credit for his success to Sharna. Bobby and Sharna scored 22 points for their dance.

Married couple Allison Holker and Twitch led a dance group in a performance by Freeform.

Mary Lou and Sasha performed a Tango with Sasha as the student and Mary Lou as the teacher. Carrie Ann noted that the dance got away from Mary Lou a little bit and lacked a bit of elegance. While the dance was full of Tango content, Len said that he wanted a little cleaner feet. Saying that he liked the dance, Bruno noted that Mary Lou always delivers what’s on the menu – this week a Tango. Mary Lou and Sasha scored 24 points for their dance.

After revealing that she has feelings for her dance partner in the video package, Alexis and Alan performed a Jazz routine to the music of “Candy Man”. Len said that candy is dandy and so was that dance; adding that it had a lot of content and was fun. Bruno called it a Halloween treat with enough sugar to last a lifetime; adding that Alexis is an all American dancing beauty. Carrie Ann said that Alexis lights up the dance floor in a sweet way. Alexis and Alan scored 27points for their dance.

Joe and Jenna performed an Argentine Tango to a Halloween themed “Roxanne” with Joe as Frankenstein and Jenna his bride. Tom said that the routine looked pretty good. Saying that the dance didn’t scare him, Bruno noted that the dance did look like an Argentine Tango and Joe’s timing was the best yet. A blown away Carrie Ann, noted a bi change this week with Joe finishing every move. Len called it Joe’s best dance so far. With the cast shouting Joe, Joe, Joe; Joe and Jenna earned their highest score this season with 22 points.

Finishing out the night, Juan Pablo and Cheryl performed an Egyptian mummy themed Jive. Juan Pablo said that he always makes his own Halloween costumes and designed his own costume for the dance. He was the first person to sketch a design of his own costume. Tom noted that it was a great way to finish the show. Carrie Ann called the dance sheer perfection. Len said that the balance between theme and dance was right; adding that Juan Pablo got the how of technique and the wow of performance. Len said that there was nothing he didn’t like in the routine. Calling it a triumph for the Pharaoh, Bruno said that the Jive was spot on and perfection all the way through. Ending the night as it began, Juan Pablo and Cheryl earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Halloween Night scores:
John and Emma – 19
Bobby and Sharna – 22
Joe and Jenna – 22
Mary Lou and Sasha – 24
DeMarcus and Lindsay – 26
Alexis and Alan – 27
Evanna and Keo – 29
Milo and Witney – 30
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30

After a week of no one going home, Mary Lou and Sasha and for the second time Alexis and Alan found themselves in jeopardy of going home.

Tom revealed that the couple going home this week is Mary Lou and Sasha.

Next week it’s a Country theme with special guest performances.