The battle are over and now it is time for the Knockout Rounds on “The Voice”. This season, the artists are being mentored by award winning singer Mariah Carey.

The winners of this round will move on to the live playoff rounds where fans will finally get a chance to have their say.

The coaches get only one steal or this round…and one save.

In the knockout rounds, the artists get to choose their own songs.

Team Adam gets the knockouts started with a battle between Keith Paluso singing “You Are the Best Thing” and Tyke James with “Ring of Fire”. Blake said that he has visions of Tyke surfing; adding that he gave a cool version of the song and it felt authentic. Blake said that Keith did a great job. Jennifer thought that Adam should pick both guys. Kelly noted that Keith sounded so vulnerable; and noting that Tyke was so young. Adam said that Keith did a fantastic job but Tyke has so many layers to him. Adam chose Tyke as the winner of the battle. Kelly and Adam pushed to steal Keith. Saying that Kelly’s energy is infectious, Keith joined his third team when he chose Kelly to be his coach.

Cody Ray has left the show due to personal reasons. As a result, Kelly has a knockout battle with three singers with one of them going home. Kymberlie Joye sang “The Middle”, Natasia Greycloud sand “Tennessee Whiskey”, and Zaxai sang the Smokey Robinson hit “Cruisin’”. Adam said that Zaxai made the falsetto look easy, Natasia sang her heart out, and Kymberlie was unbelievable. Blake said that they al delivered. Kelly said that she was lucky to have Kymberlie on her team. Kelly called Natasia a force and Zaxai was incredible. Kelly named Kymberlie as the first winner in the battle. And after muck delay and tribulation, she named Zaxai as the second winner of the battle. Blake pushed to steal Natasia and Kelly jumped in his lap.

Jennifer paired MaKenzie Thomas with her own version of “How Deep is Your Love” and Mike Parker with “Break Even”. Kelly said that Mike had a cool song choice and version of the song; adding that MaKenzie gave hr a leg cramp Adam said that Mike has great tone and ability. Blake called MaKenzie fun to watch. Jennifer called MaKenzie a skilled singer and Mike a smart singer; adding that both of them have a future. Jennifer named MaKenzie the winner of the battle.

Adam paired Radha with “I’ll Be There” and Reagan Strange with “Dancing on My Own” for a battle. Blake noted that Radha has a fast vibrato…like Gwen (Stefani); but Reagan takes it to another level. Blake said that he is a fan of both singers. Jennifer said that Radhas reminds her of Celine Dion and Reagan hit every beat of the song. Kelly noted that Reagan’s song choice was perfect for her. Adam called Radha a powerhouse; adding that Reagan made a gutsy song choice. Saying that he is going with the person who dazzles him, Adam chose Reagan as the winner of the battle. Adam used his save on Radha.

Blake aired Funsho with “Earned It” and Katrina Cain with “Don’t Let Me Down” for a battle. Kelly said that there is something captivating about Katrina but Funsho is a beast. Adam called Funsho an exciting performer. Calling it an extra tough one, Blake said that he felt Katrina’s song had her a bit handcuffed but Funsho blew him away. Blake chose Funsho as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Jennifer paired up Sandyred with “Dangerous Woman” and Patrique Fortson with “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” for a battle. Kelly called Sandyred straight up fire; adding the song was insane. After throwing a shoe for Sandyred, Adam noted that she impressed them all from the start; adding a very fast scenario of what would happen. Blake said that he is a big fan of both singers. Jennifer called Patrique a beast; adding that Sandyred sold the moment. Jennifer said that both singers sang their faces off. After choosing Patrique as the winner of the battle, Jennifer pushed her button to save Sandyred.

Knockout Rounds:
Team Adam:
Tyke James
Reagan Strange
Radha – save

Team Kelly:
Keith Paluso – steal
Kymberlie Joye

Team Blake:
Natasia Greycloud – steal

Team Jennifer:
MaKenzie Thomas
Patrique Fortson
Sandyred – save