The kids of “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” kick off a two night Halloween extravaganza with Spooktacular themed dances.

The remaining couples kick off the night of dance with a group routine.

First out on the dance floor was Akash and Kamri with an Argentine Tango to “Weird Science”. Akash becomes a mad scientist who dances with his robot creation. Host Jordan Fisher said that the dance was so good. After saying that it was a great way to start the show, Mandy said that it was a very strong routine and some of the best dancing so far from Akash. Adam noted how Akash loves coming out every week to dance. Noting that the Argentine Tango is a really mature dance that is about the chemistry between partners, Val called it one of Akash’s best dances this season. Akash and Kamri scored 21 points for their dance.

Mandla and Brightyn performed a Charleston to “itch Doctor” that Jordan said had incredible energy. Adam noted that every week Mandla works really hard and it shows; adding that Mandla is on the right track. Saying that they did a good job, Val noted that they came out and game more Charleston content then the entire state of South Carolina. Mandy said that the dance was sharp and had electricity. Mandla and Brightyn scored 23 points for their dance.

McKenzie and Sage channeled their inner zombie for a Jive to the Halloween hit “Monster Mash”. Saying that they had a monster of a time, Jordan called it an awesome Jive. Noting that he was glad they were having fun, Val called McKenzie a powerhouse; adding it was an amazing dance. Mandy said that all in all she loved it but cautioned McKenzie on her moves going into the tricks. Adam said that they looked terrible and he loved it; adding that he was impressed at how quick and fun the dance was. McKenzie and Sage scored 25 points for their dance.

Jason had to channel his inner vampire for his Argentine Tango with Elliana. Jordan called the routine so scary and fantastic. Saying that the routine was incredible, Mandy noted that every week Jason comes out and understands more and more about the dances. Adam noted that Jason is in it to win it. Val called it a leading rolesque performance; adding that Jason controlled the dance. Calling the dance amazing, co-host Frankie Muniz said that it was his favourite dance this season from Jason. Jason and Elliana scored 25 points for their dance.

Ariana and Artyon performed a Paso Doble. Adam noted that every week Ariana comes out strong; adding that while her dancing is good, she needs to put more acting into her dances. Adam called Ariana an excellent actress. Val called Ariana a superstar actress but he was missing some of the Paso. Mandy noted that the dance was hard hitting; but added that Ariana can do more. Ariana and Artyon scored 22 points for their dance.

Alana and Tristan went ghost hunting with their Jazz dance to “Ghostbusters” that included them getting slimed at the end of the dance. Saying that they did a great job, Val called the dance really entertaining. Mandy noted that Jazz dance was about weight transfer and musicality; saying that Alana did that. Adam noted that every week Alana comes out and gives it 100 percent. Alana and Tristan scored 21 points for their dance.

Sky and JT danced a Jive to “Little Shop of Horrors”. Calling it a fabulous Jive, Mandy said that the dance had a bit of danger and kept her on the edge of her seat. Noting that they stepped it up, Adam said that they did such a great job with an awesome performance. Noting that Alan put a great routine together, Val said that the duo did a great job. Sky and Jt scored 26 points for their dance.

In the last dance of the night, Miles and Rylee danced a Samba to “I Want Candy” that included mentor Lindsay playing a person who answers the knock on the door and giant pieces of “candy” falling from the ceiling at the end of the dance. Jordan called it an amazing Samba. Adam said that Miles danced like a pro. Agreeing with Adam, Val noted that they did a proper Samba. Mandy said that there was magic in the performance; adding that Miles is transforming before their eyes. Earning the highest score of the night, Miles and Rylee scored 27 points for their dance.

Halloween Night scores:
Akash and Kami – 21
Alana and Tristan – 21
Ariana and Artyon – 22
Mandal and Brightyn – 23
McKenzie and Sage – 25
Jason and Elliana – 25
Sy and JT – 26
Miles and Rylee – 27

After the judges scores and the audience votes, Alana and Tristan were eliminated from the competition.

The DWTS: Juniors are taking off next week to make room for a 90th anniversary celebration of Mickey Mouse.