It’s night three of the battle rounds, Jennifer has used her two steals; while Kelly and Blake have used one steal each. Adam has yet to use any of his steals.

Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Halsey, and Cee Lo Green have come to “The Voice” to help mentor the team members.

First up is team Blake with park ranger Keith and bar singer Dave with a performance of the George Jones song “One Woman Man”. Jennifer said that the battle was fun to watch; adding that it showed off how different the two vocalists were, but they made it work. Saying that the guys did a great job, Kelly noted that it sounded like a performance at the Grand Ole Opry. Calling it a battle of the beards,Adam called the battle a lot of fun. Joking that he paired the two to see who had the best beard, Blake said that the guys did some great singing and made it an original song. Blake named Dave as the winner of the battle. Saying that he did some great singing, Adam used his first steal on Keith.

Adam paired up teen girlsReagan Strange and Emily Hough for a battle of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”. Noting that the girls had so much talent, Blake said it was more like a fairy tale than a battle. Calling the girls amazing, Jennifer said that the girls sounded amazing together. Saying that he is a big fan of both girls and it is going to break his heart to have to choose just one of them, Adam named 13 year old Reagan Strange as the winner of the battle.

Jennifer paired up Franc West and Matt Johnson for a battle of “Too Close”. Noting that they showed off their lower range, Kelly said that it was nice to see men so comfortable with performing. Adam called it an evenly matched battle. Saying that the battle was enjoyable
to watch, Jennifer noted that both guys were a amazing and brought something different to the table. Jennifer named Franc as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired up Abby Cates and Delaney Silvernell for a battle of a song Kelly said she wished she had written – “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. In the video clip Kelly told the girls that vocally they were insane, but They were paying too much attention to their voices. Noting that it is a very difficult song to translate into a live performance, Adam said that they did a fabulous job. Saying that they did a killer job, Blake said thT he was happy for both of them. Saying that they were both amazing, Jennifer noted that both girls brought something special to the table. Saying that she hoped neither one of them would go home, Kelly chose Abby as the winner of the battle. Using his last steal, Adam took Delaney for his team.

In a series of clips…
Adam paired up Foudhee and Radha for a battle of “Growing Pains” and naming Radha as the winner of the battle.
Kelly paired Chevel Shepherd and Mikele Buck for a battle of “You Look So Good in Love” and named Chevel as the winner of the battle.
Jennifer paired Audri and MaKenzie for a battle of “Always Be My Baby” and named MaKenzie as the winner of the battle.

Adam paired up Jake Wells and Natalie Brady for a battle of “Closing Time”. Blake noted that there was some really food singing from the duo with some tight harmonies. Jennifer said vocally they were both amazing. Saying that she never would have put the two together, Kelly called the performance phenomenal. Calling it a finale type performance, Adam said that his decision is based on who speaks to him the most and chose Jake as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Jennifer paired up Zaxai and Tyshawn Colquitt for a battle of “Love Lies”. Saying that she love their moves, Kelly noted that the guys played off of each other well. Noting that there were some issues in the higher range, Adam said that both guys were fantastic. Blake said that both guys were evenly matched in range and vocally. Calling them evenly great, Jennifer said that she hated to choose because both guys should stay and named Tyshawn as the winner of the battle. After getting blocked by Jennifer in the blind auditions, Kelly used her last steal on Zaxai.

Team Kelly:
Cody Ray Raymond
Kimberley Joye
Natasia GreyCloud – stolen
Abby Cates
Chevel Shepherd
Zaai – stolen

Team Jennifer:
Sandyred – stolen
Patrick Fortson
Anthony Arya – stolen
Mike Parker
Franc West
MaKenzie Thomas
Tyshawn Colquitt

Team Blake:
Michael Lee
Colton Smith – stolen
Chris Kroeze
Katrina Cain
Dave Fenley
Jake Wells

Team Adam:
Steve Memmolo
Tyke James
Keith Paluso – stolen
Reagan Strange
Delaney Silvernell – stolen