In part two of a two night event, the adults of “Dancing with the Stars” dance to the music from classic Disney films.

After an opening in search of Mickey Mouse the professional dancers get the night started with a group performance…and Mickey comes down from the ceiling…that includes the DWTS: Juniors cast that was choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Alexis and Alan get the night of dancing started off with a Foxtrot to music from “Pocahontas”. Host Tom Bergeron noted that it was a beautiful start to the competition. Saying that there was no stressing or messing, Len said that it was a well crafted routine and well dances with lovely chemistry between them. Noting that the Disney magic is stronger than ever Bruno said that it was like two hearts beating as one; adding that the performance was exquisitely lyrical and gorgeous. Carrie Ann said that they way they danced made her thin it was a fairy tale; adding it was their best dance of the season. Alexis and Alan got the night started off with a near perfect scored when they got 29 points for their dance.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl performed a Viennese Waltz to the music of “Beauty and the Beast”. Tom said that it was brilliants; adding that in 27 seasons of DWTS, that dance was his favourite. Bruno said that they nailed the character on the bullseye; adding that the feel, style, and content of the dance was spot on on every level. Carrie Ann said that the dance had flair for days; adding that Juan Pablo had finesse in every move. Len said that the dance mirrored the music; adding that the dance was full of gusto and zest. Saying that he loved the dance, Len said that Juan Pablo is a fantastic dancer.Co-host Erin Andres said that the dance was fantastic. Juan Pablo and Cheryl also scored 29 points for their dance.

Still dealing with a dislocated finger, DeMarcus and Lindsay danced a lift filled Charleston to the music from “Hercules”. After the dance DeMarcus revealed that the doctor told him not to lift anything heavy and he would be fine. Tom said that the performance was pure joy. One of Lindsay’s shoes broke at the beginning of the dance. Saying a hero is born, Carrie Ann said that she has been waiting for this breakthrough from DeMarcus; adding that she never noticed Lindsay had a broken shoe. Noting that the dance was packed with tricks and licks, Len said that it was full of attack and energy; adding that DeMarcus did a wonderful job and he enjoyed it. Bruno said that DeMarcus is becoming a theatre man that could be on Broadway. Calling it the most complete performance to date, Bruno noted that DeMarcus was always the leading man, very light footed, and never missed a beat. DeMarcus and Lindsay scored 26 points for their dance.

Evanna and Keo performed a Jazz dance to the music from “Tangled”. During the video package Keo admitted that he is afraid of heights and doesn’t like roller coasters and Evanna took him on a roller coaster. Tom called the dance such fun; adding that it was very nice. Len liked the light and shade of the moves; adding that it had a lovely feel to the dance and a nice routine that was danced well. Noting that Evanna has found her stride, Bruno said that Evanna painted a pretty picture but noted she isn’t always on the beat. Saying that Evanna did the Disney name proud, Carrie Ann noted that Evanna has talent. Evanna and Keo scored 24 points for their dance.

Joe and Jenna performed a Jive to the upcoming “Wreck it Ralf” film “Ralf Breaks the Internet”. Tom noted that Joe looks like he is having more fun. Saying that he could sense a very faint glimmer of hope, Bruno noted that Joe’s timing is getting better, but now Joe needs to work on the quality of what he does. Saying that she saw vast improvement, Carrie Ann said that there were a lot more steps in the dance this week and Joe didn’t miss any of them; adding that Joe needs to own the stage. Len said that admires how Joe gets knocked down every week with the remarks but keeps coming back and giving it his all. Len noted that Joe’s dances do not have very many moves the his assigned style. Joe and Jenna scored 17 points for their dance.

Andrea Bocelli and his son Mateo sat back to back at pianos as they performed “Fall on Me” from the upcoming “Nutcracker” film.

Mary Lou and Sasha performed a Contemporary dance to the music from “Mulan” that had Mary Lou getting very emotional. Making note of Mary Lou’s emotional response, Carrie Ann said that was the beauty of their show and those kind of moments. Calling it a very nice routine, Len said that the dance was gentle and understated with lovely fluidity in the movements. Saying that he loved Mary Lou’s determination, Bruno called it one of Mary Lou’s stronger performances. Mary Lou and Sasha scored 25 points for their dance.

Season 25 winner and DWTS: Juniors co-host Jordan Fisher sang “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from “Cinderella” while the Junior prop dancers performed.

This season’s oldest competitor, 58 year old John Schneider and partner Emma danced a Quickstep to the music of John’s favourite movie “The Jungle Book”. Tom said that John looked really good. Noting that the dance was high energy, Len said that John lost a bit of the energy as the dance went on but did a spectacular job; adding that it was John’s best dance so far. Noting that John performed a proper Quickstep, Bruno said that John brought some sparkle to the jungle. Saying that everything was connected, Carrie Ann called it John’s best performance. Erin said that she loved the dance; adding that John appears to get younger every week. John and Emma earned their highest score so far with 24 points.

Bobby and Sharna danced a Waltz to the music of “The Little Mermaid” with Sharna taking on the role of Ariel. Saying that Bobby had the catch of the day, Bruno noted that the dance was a bit slippery at times but Bobby made a good effort. Noting that Bobby had the posture of the dance, Carrie Ann noted that she saw improvement. Noting that Bobby was outside his comfort zone, Len said that Bobby went for it and went for it in a proper way. Bobby and Sharna scored 21 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night, Milo and Witney dance a Quickstep to the music of “The Incredibles 2”. Milo and Witney went to Disneyland where they met The Incredibles. Milo began the dance by coming down a zip line and freeing Tom Bergeron from jail. Tom noted that it was a great spandex Quickstep – they performed the dance dressed as The Incredibles. Carrie Ann called the dance incredible, a fantastic routine and a fantastic performance. Len noted that the dance had plenty of zippity doo dah but noted there was a lot of gap in hold – probably due to the spandex costumes. Calling the dance a blockbuster, Bruno is ready for the sequel; adding that every aspect of the show tonight has been amazing. Earning a 10 from Bruno, Milo and Witney scored 27 points for their dance.

Disney Night scores:
Joe and Jenna – 17
Bobby and Sharna – 21
Evanna and Keo – 24
John and Emma – 24
Mary Lou and Sasha – 25
DeMarcus and Lindsay – 26
Milo and Witney – 27
Alexis and Alan – 29
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 29

After naming DeMarcus and Lindsay and Alexis and Alan as the two couples in jeopardy, Tom announced that this was Disney night and no one was going home.

All of the votes and scores from this week will be added to the scores next week to determine who will go home.