It’ the final night of the battle rounds and Blake is the only coach with a steal remaining.

Needing two people to fill her team, Kelly gets the final battles started off with a performance from Sarah Grace and Erika Zade of “No Roots” by Alice Martin. Adam said that they both did a fantastic job. In the blind auditions, Kelly noted that Sarah Grace had a stank face; this time Blake said that they both had great faces. Jennifer said that both girls shined. Saying that she came alive, Kelly chose Sarah Grace as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired up Kameron Marlowe and Kayley Hill for a performance of “Only Wanna Be with You” by Hootie and the Blowfish. Jennifer said that Kameron’s voice stood out; calling the performance amazing. Kelly said that they represented different styles of music and gave a really cool arrangement of the song; adding that she loved it. Blake said that it was cool to see the creativity come alive during the rehearsals. Blake named Kameron as the winner of the battle.

In a series of clips…
Kelly paired Claire Dejean and Josh Davis for a battle of “All This Love” with Claire taking the win.
Blake paired Caeland Garner and Kirk Jay for a performance of “Let it Rain” with Kirk taking the win.
And Jennifer paired Kennedy Holmes and Lela for a battle of “Battlefield” with Kennedy taking the win.

In the final battle of season 15, Adam paired Deantre Nico and Funsho for a battle of “Can You Stand the Rain”. Blake said that they were two incredible voices making great music and laying it all out on the line; adding that they had unique and powerful voices. Jennifer said that they sang the daylights out of the song. Kelly said that they were so fluid with the song; adding that they had different voices. Calling it one of the best battle rounds of the season, Adam noted that the guys really stepped it up. Saying that there really was no fair way to judge this, Adam named Deandre as the winner of the battle. Blake used his last steal on Funsho. In the blind auditions, Blake was the only one who did not turn his chair for Funsho.

Next week the knockout rounds begin with award winning singer Mariah Carey as the mento for all of the teams.

Team Kelly:
Cody Ray Raymond
Kimberley Joye
Natasia GreyCloud – stolen
Abby Cates
Chevel Shepherd
Zaai – stolen
Sarah Grace
Claire Dejean

Team Jennifer:
Sandyred – stolen
Patrick Fortson
Anthony Arya – stolen

Mike Parker
Franc West
MaKenzie Thomas
Tyshawn Colquitt
Kennedy Holmes

Team Blake:
Michael Lee
Colton Smith – stolen
Chris Kroeze
Katrina Cain
Dave Fenley
Jake Wells
Kameron Marlowe
Kirk Jay
Funsho – stolen

Team Adam:
Steve Memmolo
Tyke James
Keith Paluso – stolen
Reagan Strange
Jake Wells
Delaney Silvernell – stolen
Deandre Nico