As season 15 of “The Voice”, the coaches filled their teams and began pairing them down via the battle rounds.

On Tuesday, the battles continue with epic performances and more steals.

First up was team Kelly with worship leader Kimberly Joye and the only duo in the competition and real life couple OneUp with a performance of “Mercy”. The performance had Kelly up dancing and Jennifer throwing things on the stage. Jennifer told the trio that they sounded goooooodddd; adding that they wore her out. Saying that they sounded beautiful, Adam noted that they worked it out. Blake didn’t know what to say. Kelly said that their passion came out; adding that they were all phenomenal vocalists. Saying that she is going to go with the one who surprised her the most, Kelly chose Kimberley Joye as the winner of the battle.

Adam brought in original coach Cee Lo Green as his mentor. For his first battle, Adam paired high school student Anthony Arya and wedding singer Steve Memmolo for a performance of the Pure Prairie League song “Amy”. Jennifer said that Anthony held his own; adding that he has a lot of potential. Jennifer said that Steve did a great job. Blake said that both singers did great but felt that Steve stepped up to the plate. Saying that it was a tough one for him, Adam chose Steve as the winner of the battle. Jennifer pushed her button to steal Anthony and Steve began jumping up and down.

Adam paired Jarred Matthew and Tyke James for a battle of the Billy Joel song “She’s Always a Woman to Me’. Blake noted that both guys were very different. Adam chose Tyke James as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired Chris Kroeze and Mercedes Ferriera-Dias for a battle of the Steve Winwood song “Back in the High Life Again”. Jennifer said that she loved the vibrato in Mercedes voice and that Chris has a rasp in his tone; adding that both are equally great. Calling the harmonies amazing, Adam says that he has a fondness for Mercedes but Chris is amazing. Blake said that they blew him away; adding that Chris’ voice is the reason the show exists. Saying that he is basing his decision on a gut feeling, Blake chose Chris as the winner of the battle.

Blake chose to pair Katrina Cain and Rachel Messer for a battle of the Sarah McLachlan hit “Angel”. Jennifer called the performance simply beautiful. Kelly said that they handled the song with grace. Noting that he wished he could move on with both singers, Blake chose Katrina as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Jennifer paired Mike Parker and Natasia GreyCloud for a battle of the John Mayer song “Gravity”. Kelly said that they sounded unbelievable; adding that they brought something so magical to the plate. Adam said that they did a great job. Blake said that both of them stepped it up and did a great job. Jennifer said that both singers brought something very special to the table. Saying that both singers were evenly great, Jennifer chose Mike as the winner of the battle. Kelly pushed her button to steal Natasia.

Team Kelly:
Cody Ray Raymond
Kimberley Joye
Natasia GreyCloud – stolen

Team Jennifer:
Sandyred – stolen
Patrick Fortson
Anthony Arya – stolen
Mike Parker

Team Blake:
Michael Lee
Colton Smith – stolen
Chris Kroeze
Katrina Cain

Team Adam:
Steve Memmolo
Tyke James