In episode seven of season 15 of “The Voice”, the blind auditions conclude and the battle begin. Each coach needs only one more singer to fill out their teams before beginning eliminations via the battle rounds.

First up was Emily Hough who started singing at age seven. Adam was the first to turn his chair followed by Blake and Jennifer. Blake said that Emily has a beautiful angelic voice; adding that somebody like her would stand out on his team. Adam said that Emily had a searing powerful voice. Saying that she wants Emily on her team, Jennifer said that she would let Emily do what she wanted to do. Emily chose Adam to be her coach and completes Adam’s team.

Personal trainer Josh Davis comes from a musical family and grew up singing in the church. He was in a Christian band before deciding to sing on his own. Kelly and Jennifer turned their chairs for Josh. Kelly loved Josh’s voice; adding that his runs were effortless and saying that she needs a man on her team. Jennifer agreed with Kelly. Josh chose Kelly to be his coach, and Kelly becomes the second coach to fill her team.

Lisa Ramey has been singing since she was nine and is currently in a Cabaet show in New York City. Failing to turn any chairs, Blake noted there were some pitch issues. Kelly noted that the song Lisa chose was great but not suitable for the blind auditions. Jennifer said that Lisa didn’t do anything wrong; adding that things are getting tight as the end nears.

Newlywed Katrina Cain chose to forego her honeymoon in order to audition for “The Voice”. A jingle singer, Katrina is also in an electro-pop band with her husband. Katrina played the piano for her audition. The only two coaches remaining with an open spot are Blake and Jennifer, both of whom turned their chairs. Adam noted that it should have been a four chair turn but he and Kelly have full teams. Blake said that he loved Katrina’s voice; adding that he is a fan. Jennifer said that she would love to be Katrina’s coach. Katrina chose Blake to be her coach and filled Blake’s team.

The final artist to audition is winery worker and entertainer Matt Johnson. Matt has auditioned for the show every season since the beginning and has finally made it on the stage for a blind audition and got a chair turn from Jennifer. Jennifer said that Matt was so refreshing.

Team Adam:
Tyke James
DeAndre Nico
Steve Memmolo
Anthony Arva
Reagan Strange
Natalie Brady
Jarred Matthew
Jake Wells
Emily Hough

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias
Keith Paluso
Michael Lee
Dave Fenley
Rachel Messer
Chris Kroeze
Joey Green
Kayley Hill
Kirk Jay
Caeland Gardner
Katrina Cain

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes
Franc West
Audri Barthalomew
Natasha Greycloud
McKenzie Thomas
Mike Parker
Colton Smith
Matt Johnson

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck
Claire DeJean
Chevel Shepherd
Delaney Silvernell
Kimberli Joye

Erika Zade
Cody Ray Raymond
Abby Cates
Josh Davis

As the coaches bring in musical mentors for their teams, Cee Lo Green returns to “The Voice”; along with Halsey, Thomas Rhett, and Keith Urban.

And the steal returns and is in full use early.

Kelly gets the battle rounds started off by pairing Sandyred and Cody Ray Raymond for a performance of “Cry to Me”. Kellty brought in Country star Thomas Rhett to help mentor her team members. Saying that he is a fan of both singers, Adam said that they really had a moment on stage; adding that he would be excited to get the chance to pick either one of them up via the steal. Calling them super heroes, Blake said that there was something so vintage about Cody’s voice; adding Sandyred doesn’t sound like anybody else. Jennifer called the performance beyond amazing. Kelly said that Cody was so smooth and gorgeous; adding that Sandyred is one of the best singers she has ever heard in her life. After much deliberation, Kelly named Cody Ray as the winner of the battle. All three of the remaining coaches pushed their buttons to steal Sandyred. Saying that she loves all of them, Sandyred said that she has to take it home and chose Jennifer to be her coach. Sandyred is from Chicago.

Blake brought in award winning Country star Keith Urban for his mentor. Blake chose Michael Lee and Joey Green for a battle of “A Thing Called Love” by Bonnie Raitt. Jennifer said that Michael’s voice fills the room; adding that Joey has a lot of range. Noting that both of the guys are Texas boys, she said that Joey’s voice is laid back; adding that she did not expect those sounds from Michael. Noting that he fought for Michael, Adam noted that Michael has a lot of range. Saying that he is going with his gut, Blake named Michael the winner of the battle.

On her Comeback Stage, Kelsea Ballerini pairs up her first battle of Ayana and Madison.

Jennifer chose Halsey to be her mentor. In her first battle, Jennifer paired Colton Smith and Patrick Fortson for a battle of Blake Shelton’s song “God Gave Me You”. Jennifer threw a shoe during the performance. Saying that it was an amazing song choice, Kelly noted that the duo shined brighter than in the blind auditions. Agreeing that it was a great song choice, Adam called it the battle of the “dudes with the big range”. Blake said that Colton blew him away; adding that it was a cool vision for the song. Saying that they sang their faces off, Jennifer called the guys superb vocalists who both deserve to be there; adding that they were both mind blowing amazing. Noting that it was so tough, Jennifer chose Patrick as the winner of the battle. Patrick brought Jennifer her shoe. As Colton was walking off the stage, Blake pushed his button to steal Colton.

Team Kelly:
Cody Ray Raymond

Team Jennifer:
Sandyred – stolen
Patrick Fortson

Team Blake:
Michael Lee
Colton Smith – stolen