The Strong Museum offers a variety of temporary exhibits each year. In November The Strong will offer feature the contributions of women in the video game industry.

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On November 15 The Strong is holding a panel discussion on the accomplishments of women leaders in the history of video games beginning at 6pm.

Executive director for the Entertainment Software Association Foundation Anastasia Staten will moderate an interactive panel discussion that will include co-creator for “Centipede” Dona Bailey, Uncharted head writer and creative director Amy Hannig, founder of Purple Moon Brenda Laurel, the former President and CEO of Her Interactive Megan Gaiser, game box illustrator for Atari Susan Jaekel, and senior designer for Electronic Arts Sheri Graner Ray.

Tickets for the panel discussion are $15 each and include refreshments after the discussion and an early viewing of the exhibit.

The Women in Games Exhibit opens at The Strong on November 17. The exhibit includes untold stories of the women in the Games industry and their contributions to the industry, explores the evolution of female video game characters, learn about the women who were the trailblazers in the industry, make your own mix of music created by women for various video games, and see documents of designs by the video game pioneers.

During the opening weekend festivities, visitors can play some of the non-electronic games that were designed by women. Create your own story, setting, and character for a video game. And visit with local video game developers.