The blind auditions continue on “The Voice” as the coaches continue to fill their teams.

Kelly and Jennifer continue to monopolize the coach’s air time as they fight for singers.

Dave Fenley got the night of auditions started off. While Kelly and Blake both pushed their buttons, Dave had a big decision to make because his mom has a big crush on Blake and was looking for a hug. Adam called Dave’s performance miraculous. Jennifer said that Dave’s voice deserves to be heard all over; adding that he should be able to do whatever he wants to do. Blake gave Dave a hat’s off for his musical selection of a Travis Tritt song. Pointing out once again that she is from Texas, Kelly said that Travis Tritt is her favourite male singer. Saying that he has asked a lot of his mom and dad but his mom has never asked for anything, Dave chose Blake to be his coach. And mom got her hug.

Wedding singer Steve Memmolo chose “Spooky” for his audition and got Adam and Jennifer to push their buttons near the end of the song. After turning around, Kelly said, “oh my gosh, you’re white. I didn’t see that coming.” Ada said that Steve looked like Ben Aflack and sang like Aretha. Adam noted that he has been around and felt like he has seen it all but every now and then a Steve comes along. Calling Steve amazing, Jennifer told Steve to let her help him find his groove. Steve chose Adam to be his coach.

Audri Barthalomew chose to sing a song from “The Greatest Showman” for her audition but had to wait until the end of the song before Jennifer pushed her button. Blake said that he was glad that Jennifer turned her chair because Audri was where she needed to be. Jennifer said that anybody who sings that song needs to be on her team. Jennifer noted that she wanted to sing the song and went up on stage and sang a bit with Audri. Kelly noted that she wished she has pushed her button.

West Virginian Rachel Messer comes from a musical family. Kelly pushed her button and was joined by Blake at the end of the song after Kelly told him not to do it. Kelly sent out a call for all female Country singers, saying that she wanted to work with them. Kelly said that there is life beyond Blake in Country music. Blake noted that Kelly is Country and he is Country; adding that working with Rachel is meant to be. Blake noted that Rachel is the kind of artist that excites him because she sings authentic County music. Adam called Rachel legit and more Country then everyone in there. Rachel chose Blake to be her coach.

While sitting on the big sofa, jingle writer and producer Brent Morgan was doing a little freestyle singing about the room he was in. Brent failed to turn any chairs but Adam told him that while his voice was perfect, Brent needed to jump out a little more; Kelly added she wanted to see a little more texture in Brent’s voice.

Season 14 winner Bryn Cartelli from team Kelly made a return visit to “The Voice” and spoke with a few of the singers waiting to audition.

Cheval Shepherd said that she would freak out if Blake turned his chair around. Blake did turn his chair around; along with Kelly and Jennifer. Adam said that Cheval was amazing; adding that he waited too late to push his button. Kelly said that she is dying to get a female Country singer on her team; adding that Cheval was in her head a lot. Jennifer said that Chevel’s voice is so pure and beautiful; adding that she has such an amazing gift. Blake noted that Cheval will grow very quickly on the show; adding that he would love to be her coach. When Cheval chose Kelly to be her coach, Kelly went crazy.

Bryan Cherry chose a Sam Cooke song for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. Blake noted that while Bryan had people on the edge of his chair, the song never really went anywhere. Jennifer noted that Bryan had an awesome voice but felt that the song lost it’s way. Kelly said that Bryan had a cool voice.

Delaney Silvernell comes from a wrestling family but wants to sing for a living. Kelly was the only coach who turned her chair around. Kelly said that Delany’s tone was flawless and pretty.

Fifteen year old Anthony Arva chose “Annie’s Song” for his audition but only Adam turned his chair. Adam said that the way Anthony sings and engages an audience is special. Calling Anthony handsome, Kelly said that Anthony looks like a Greek god. Jennifer called him Hercules with a guitar.

Natasha Greycloud also comes from a musical family. She said that she hopes Kelly turns her chair around. Kelly did turn her chair around; but so did Jennifer at the same time. Saying that Natasha has an incredible voice, Blake said that either one of the girl’s would be perfect for her. Adam said that he was staying out of it. Both girls noted that the high notes got them both. Jennifer again talked about JHud Productions and never herself. Natasha chose Jenifer to be her coach.

Youtube artist Lynnea Moorer had Jennifer chair dancing but failed to get any of the coaches to turn their chairs. Adam said that there is a lot happening with her voice but sometimes too many things are happening at once and he can’t hear her. Kelly asked Lynnea to sing something slow. Once Lynnea was done, Kelly said that her voice was cool and told Lynnea to come back.

In the final audition of the night, Gospel singer Kimberli Joye sparked a fight with her audition. Kimberli also sang with Childish Gambino when he made a late night televison talk show appearance. Kelly pushed her button and a bit later, Jennifer also pushed her button only to discover that Kelly had blocker her. Blake joined the fray on the last note of the song. Kelly said that she had to block Jennifer since she has heard Jennifer sing Whtitney Houston. Kelly said that Kimberli’s voice is sane. Jennifer said that she thought her and Kelly were friends; adding that you can’t trust anyone like that. Blake noted that with Jennifer out of the picture, he was the next best choice; adding that he has brought people to the finals from every musical genre. Kimberli said that she knew it was going to be a hard decision and since Jennifer wasn’t available, then she would go with Kelly.

Team Adam:
Tyke James
DeAndre Nico
Steve Memmolo
Anthony Arva

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias
Keith Paluso
Michael Lee
Dave Fenley
Rachel Messer

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes
Franc West
Audri Barthalomew
Natasha Greycloud

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck
Claire DeJean
Chevel Shepherd
Delaney Silvernell
Kimberli Joye