On this second week of “Dancing with the Stars”, the show pays tribute to the Great White Way and the city that never sleeps – New York City.

The night opens with a group performance choreographed by Mandy Moore that includes a yellow taxi cab delivering hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, Tyler Peck of the New York City Ballet and some tap dancing.

The night was filled with rousing applause and out of the ordinary dances…and several nine paddles.

After tying for the top scores last week, NFL player DeMarcus Ware and Lindsey get the show started with a Foxtrot. DeMarcus said that the first thing that comes to mind when Lindsay mentions NYC, he said the Giants. He is using his two children as an inspiration for the dance. Noting that this week DeMarcus mastered the footwork, Len said that DeMarcus nailed it fantastically; adding that he was better than last week. Saying that DeMarcus looked like he had been dancing all of his life, Bruno said that the performance was like a taking a stroll in Central Park. Bruno said that if DeMarcus kicked any higher, he could be in the Rockettes. Noting that the guys said it all, Carrie Ann said that the routine had style, sass, sauce, elegance and softness. Noting that life can sometimes get in the way, DeMarcus said that he leaned both dances in about two and a half days. DeMarcus and Lindsay scored 24 points for their dance.

In a live video chat, Tom Bergeron spoke with two time DWTS champion Mark Ballas who is currently on Broadway in the award winning musical “Kinky Boots”.

Danielle and Artem danced a Cha Cha that included Danielle beginning the dance solo with her cane. Tom noted that both dancers had been ill all week. Bruno said that Danielle showed great confidence at the beginning of the dance; adding that she made a great recovery after a mistake in the dance. Carrie Ann also remarked on Danielle’s confidence this week and cautioned Danielle on counting with ther mouth. Carrie Ann said that Artem is doing an amazing job with Danielle. Giving Artem credit for his great work, Len called the dance a very competent performance. Danielle and Artem scored 18 points for their dance.

A new York state native, John and Emma performed a Charleston that had Tom Bergeron calling John a dancer; adding that he did a great job. Carrie Ann called the dance fantastic, polished, and clean; adding that it was like watching a Broadway show and John is a great showman. Saying that John is on the right track, Len noted that he saw great improvement in John this week. Bruno called the dance a Grand Central spectacular and a first class ride. Wanting to buy a ticket, Bruno said that John was kicking higher than the Rockettes. Co-host Erin Andrews said that she loved it; adding that it was adorable. John and Emma scored 23 points for their dance.

Nancy and Val performed a Cha Cha to the Billy Joel hit “Uptown Girl”. Nancy performed with a fractured foot. Len noted that he saw a more relaxed performance this week with more confidence; adding that it was full of verve. Bruno called Nancy his kind of girl with a come and get it attitude. Saying that she loved the moves, Carrie Ann noted that Nancy became more confident as the dance went on. Nancy and Val scored 21 points for their dance.

Season 25 winner Jordan Fisher and runner up Ricky Muniz will be hosting the new DWTS Juniors. They got a bit of a head start on their hosting duties bringing in the break while Tom sat in a recliner on the dance floor.

Alexis and Alan performed a ballet inspired Argentine Tango to the music of “Swan Lake”. Noting that he loved the music, Bruno called Alexis a Prima Argentina; adding that they did a very good job of mixing the ballet with the Argentine Tango. Carrie Ann was not thrilled with the lifts and costume but said that Alexis nailed everything else. Saying that the dance was a great mix of precision and passion, Len called it the best dance. Alexis and Alan scored 25 points for their dance.

Joe and Jenna got a visit from Joe’s girlfriend Kendall during rehearsals this week for their Foxtrot to “New York State of Mind”. Saying that she recognizes the challenge for Joe who has had no dance training of any kind, Carrie Ann said that she saw a transformation tonight; adding that Joe told a story and had some elegance. Saying that they came out with no messing about, Len called the dance refreshing. Len noted that last week Joe was a caterpillar, but this week he was a butterfly. Calling Joe’s performance so endearing, Bruno said that Joe has started to move and showed some nice lines. Saying that Joe has a dancer’s body, Bruno offered to help him out. Joe and Jenna scored 17 points for their dance.

Tinashe and Brandon performed a futuristic Argentine Tango that had Tom noting that the lifts were scary. While he thought that the lifts were spectacular, Len told Brandon that he can’t get too far away from the heart of the dance; adding that the routine lacked the flavour of the Argentine Tango. Bruno called the dance futuristic fantastic; adding that it was like Barbarella landing in the hottest club in New York City. Bruno noted that Tinashe’s extensions were spectacular. Noting that it was a very different type of dance, Carrie Ann called it the bomb Erin called the routine hot. Tinashe and Brandon scored 26 points for their dance.

Milo and Witney performed a subway inspired Charleston that Tom said was so good. Calling the dance exhilarating, Bruno said that the dance was bursting with excitement and a surprise at every corner…just like New York City itself. Bruno noted that Milo had some incredible control of his legs. Noting that it was only week two, Carrie Ann called the performance ridiculously good; adding that they blew them out of the water. Carrie Ann called it a dance to be remembered forever. Len noted that the dance had some Lindy Hop and Charleston in it; adding that the cast this season is fantastic. Milo and Witney scored 26 points for their dance.

Mary Lou and Sasha performed a Walt to “Natural Woman” that was performed by members of the cast from “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”.  Noting that she saw something very special, Carrie Ann noted that Mary Lou opened up about halfway through the song. Len called it a lovely natural performance that was very well done. Saying that the performance was definitely beautiful and inspired, Bruno told Mary Lou to just let herself go with the flow. Mary Lou and Sasha scored 22 points for their dance.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl performed a Broadway themed Quickstep to “42nd Street”. Saying that he is loving the night Tom told them that they did a good job. While Len said that it was a joyful performance that was full of energy and fleet of foot, he instructed Juan Pablo on holding his frame. Bruno called it a smash hit of “42nde Street”; adding that they looked like Broadway headliners. Bruno noted that the end of the dance was very nGene Kelly. Calling the dance really good, Carrie Ann said that it is one of her new favourite Quicksteps. Juan Pablo and Cheryl scored 26 points for their dance and making it a three way tie for the lead.

Evanna and Keo performed a fashion show inspired Samba that Tom called incredible; adding that Luna is all grown up. Bruno noted that Evanna had a little devil inside…and he liked it a lot. Noting Evanna’s attitude, Carrie Ann said that Evanna showed some inner core strength and it was fierce. Len said that the duo had some Harry Potter magic going on with their terrific proper Samba. Erin called the dance hot and fierce. Evanna and Keo scored 24 points for their dance.

Trying to channel his inner Frank Sinatra, Bobby Bones and Sharna performed a Foxtrot to “New York New York. That had Bobby doing a little adlibbing at the end of the dance. A confused Carrie Ann noted that Bobby is still a little rough around the edges; but is authentically joyous when he dances. Noting that Bobby comes out and gives it all he’s got, Len said that the dance was full of youthful exuberance. Bruno said that the dance was brilliantly bonkers; adding that Bobby can’t help but have fun when he dances. Bruno noted that everyone gave a fantastic performance tonight. Bobby and Sharna scored 20 points for their dance.

DWTS will return on Tuesday with more dances and special performances.

New York City tribute scores:
Joe and Jenna – 17
Danielle and Atem – 18
Bobby and Sharna – 20
Nancy and Val – 21
Mary Lou and Sasha – 22
John and Emma – 23
DeMarcus and Lindsay – 24
Evanna and Keo – 24
Alexis and Alan – 25
Tinashe and Brandon – 26
Milo and Witney – 26
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 26