As the drama among the coaches continues, Blake, Kelly, and Jennifer are halfway to filling their teams; Adam has five artists on his team.

Reagan Strange has been watching the show since she was six years old. The 13 year old loves Blake and says that she will probably cry if she gets a chair to turn. Adam and Blake both turned their chairs…and Reagan did shed some tears. Adam noted that he did see her tears; saying that he saw them and would cry too if Regan didn’t pick him. Adam said that there was an effortlessness to her power and precision; adding that Reagan was truly phenomenal and could go all the way. Kelly pointed out that Adam doesn’t have any Country artists on his team but Blake’s team is filled with them. Blake noted that he took his time in turning his chair so that he could listen. Jennifer noted that Reagan has a good head on her shoulders and clearly has talent. Noting that it was what her Dad said to do, Reagan chose Adam to be her coach.

House band singer Foushee comes from a musical family – her mother sang in a Reggae band in Jamaica. Jennifer and Adam turned their chairs. Adam noted that he didn’t know what happened when Foushee came out but woo. Adam said that he couldn’t figure her out; adding that she had something like an outer space voice. Kelly loved Foushee’s voice range. Calling Foushee rare and amazing, Jennifer said that Foushee had a unique sound ad took her on a journey. Blake said that when Fourshee hit her high note, he knew he loved her. Saying that she was going with her gut, Foushee chose Adam to be her coach.

Wyatt Rivers failed to turn any chairs but had Kelly oogling over him. Calling Wyatt handsome, Kelly said that he should act and could be a movie star. Blake noted that there were some pitch issues with the big notes. Kelly told Wyatt to come back, but Wyatt has plans to enter medical school next year. But medical school may have to wait a bit, Keslea Ballerini has chosen Wyatt to be a part of her Comeback Stage.

Full time musician Chris Kroeze performs over 200 shows each year including some for the troops in the Middle East. His performance of “Pride and Joy” got Blake and Jennifer to turn their chairs. Adam said that he though Chris was a female – one with a gruff voice, but a female. Jennifer said that Chris almost got one of her shoes; adding that she heard a great voice. Blake said that Chris’ singing was electrifying; adding that he heard some Ricky Skaggs type picking going on. Chris chose Blake to be his coach.

After not turning any chairs last season because her nerves got the best of her, McKenzie Thomas worked on her music, joined a gospel group, and returned to “The Voice” for another try. Kelly sat will her mouth hanging open but never turned her chair; however, Jennifer did turn her chair. Once all of the chairs turned around after the performance, Kelly recognized McKenzie. Adam said that he loved it when that happened; adding that McKenzie’s improvement was tremendous. Jennifer called McKenzie’s performance beautiful and effortless. Blake said that McKenzie could be a dark horse.

In the final performance of the night, Sandyredd took the stage. One of seven children, Sandyredd said that they all sang backup for their mother when they were young. Adam led the way to a four chair turn. Jennifer had both of her shoes in her hands, walked up and tossed them on the stage. Adam walked up and put one of his shoes on the stage. Blake followed suit; along with his mug. Kelly stood speechless with her mouth open. Blake said that he knew it was a long shot to get Sandyredd on his team; adding that she deserved it.  After asking to see Sandyredd’s family, Jennifer said that she wanted to help her get where she wanted to be; adding that if Jennifer could do it, Sandyredd could. Kelly said that Sandyredd was like fire and magnificent; adding that she didn’t care who Sandyredd chose, she couldn’t wait to watch Sandyreed on the show. Adam said that he wanted this; adding that Sandyredd could win. Sandyredd chose Kelly to be her coach.

The Voice” returns next week with more blind auditions.

Team Adam:
Tyke James
DeAndre Nico
Steve Memmolo
Anthony Arva
Reagan Strange

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias
Keith Paluso
Michael Lee
Dave Fenley
Rachel Messer
Chris Kroeze

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes
Franc West
Audri Barthalomew
Natasha Greycloud
McKenzie Thomas

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck
Claire DeJean
Chevel Shepherd
Delaney Silvernell
Kimberli Joye