For many local musicians, performing on stage is a part time job with full time hours. But despite being a part time gig, there are some bands who take their job as a musician very seriously.

Tiny Music – a Stone Temple Pilots tribute band – is one of those bands. From setting up the stage to performing and even how they dress, band members showed that they were serious about the music. Each band member was in the words of ZZ Top, a “Smart Dressed Man”.

Taking their name from a Stone Temple Pilots album, Tiny Music rocked the night away on September 22 when they played the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, New York.

After opening the set with “Wicked Garden”, the band played “Vasoline”, “Down”, “Dead and Bloated”, “Interstate”, “Love Song”, “Big Bang Baby”, “Lady Picture Show”, “Meat Plow”, “Silvergun Superman”, “Pieces of Pie?/Still Remains?”, and “Between the Lines” before picking up the acoustic guitars for a short unplugged set of “Crackerman”, “Creep”, “Sour Girl”, and “Big Empty”.

Tiny Music finished out the first set with “Unglued”, “Sexy Type Thing”, “Plush”, and “Trippin’”.

For their second set the band performed what they call the Party Set which featured cover tunes that included “Learn to Fly”, “use Somebody”, “Counting Blue Car”, “Rebel Yell”, “Slither”, “Ever-long”, “Even-flow”, “Plowed”, “Shine”, and “Sweet Emotion”.

Whether a fan of the Stone Temple Pilots or hard driving rock and roll, Tiny Music is a band that can deliver the music with skill and finesse.