On night two of season 15 of “The Voice” the blind auditions continue

Park Ranger Keith Paluso gets the night of auditions started off and gets Blake to push his button early in the song…and use his block on Adam who pushed his button on the last note. Jennifer said that Keith has a soulful voice that is full of depth. Kelly said that she loved Keith’s voice. Adam noted that he got lost listening to all of the styles in Keith’s voice. Blake said that America is going to love Keith’s voice.

Seventeen year old Claire DeJean is a musical theater veteran who got Blake’s attention early. Kelly made it a battle when she pushed her button at the end of the song. Noting that he was an idiot for not turning around, Adam called Claire amazing; adding that he thinks she will go far in the competition. Jennifer said that it was enjoyable to see and hear Claire. Blake said that Claire is one of those artists that doesn’t come around very often adding that she blends folk and pop music. Calling Clair a soulful singer songwriter, Kelly noted that there is no one like Claire on her team. Kelly enticed Claire with the jacket that she is giving her team members and Claire chose Kelly to be her coach.

The son of a pastor and Navy vet, Franc West began singing in church when he was just a child. Franc sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” but he had to wait until the end of the song before Jennifer pushed her button. Blake noted that Franc sounded seasoned. Kelly said that she was glad to see Franc on the show. Jennifer said that she had to see what was going on after falling love with his voice.

Newlywed Michael Lee was married only two weeks before the blind auditions. The professional musician chose the B.B. King hit “The Thrill is Gone” for his audition. As he sang, Adam pointed out that Michael was playing the guitar. Adam was the first one to push his button with Jennifer following and throwing her shoe. Blake made it a threesome on the last note. Blake said that Michael beat him to death with that performance; adding that he deserved to have all the button pushes he could get. Adam pointed out that he has worked with solo Blues guitarists before. Jennifer noted that Michael’s guitar was his superpower but she bet that her shoe would still be on the stage if he put the guitar down. Michael chose Blake to be his coach.

Nashville resident Elle Ivory played the keyboard as she sang but failed to turn any chairs but Adam admitted that he was so close. Adam said that Elle has a cool style and told Adam to come back and try again. Jennifer said that Elle has a beautiful voice; adding that it took a bit for Elle to find the right pitch. Kelsea Ballerini chose Elle as her second Comeback Stage artist.

In the final audition of the night, DeAndre Nico has been singing since he was seven years old. A survivor of hurricane Garvey, the Port Arthur, Texas native sang a Bruno Mars song and became the second artist to turn all four chairs with Adam leading the way; Jennifer, Blake, and Kelly followed. At the end of the song, Jennifer threw a shoe. Adam said that he heard the greatness in DeAndre’s voice; adding that he is amazing and he could go all the way with DeAndre. Kelly said that she loved the big round notes that DeAndre hit. Saying that DeAndre’s voice soars, Jennifer noted that DeAndre’s voice has depth and soul. Noting that Blake has so much skill; Blake again reminded everyone that he is the winningest coach on the show with six wins. DeAndre chose Adam to be his coach.

Team Adam:
Tyke James
DeAndre Nico

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias
Keith Paluso
Michael Lee

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes
Franc West

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck
Claire DeJean