For season 15 of “The Voice” original coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are joined by Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Carkson. Carson Daly returns as the host of the show.

Last season with the arrival of the new big red chairs, “The Voice” debuted the the block button where one coach could “block” another coach from turning their chair. The block button is back again this season.

Fifteen year old Sarah Grace got the blind auditions started and the multi instrumentalist got Kelly, Blake, and Jennifer to turn their chairs. Saying that she was a big fan and that Sarah had a big old soul voice, Kelly noted that Sarah had a stank face that lasted for days. Jennifer said that Sarah had sass and presence; adding that Sarah knew who she was and what she wants to do. Noting that he couldn’t get a crack in to speak, Blake said that he was a fan and noted that Sarah’s voice was full of passion and grit. Saying that it was a hard decision, and she thought that she had it figured out; Sarah chose Kelly to be her coach. Kelly has jackets for her tea embers this year.

New this season is the Comeback Stage with country music star Kelsea Ballerini who as the “fifth coach” will choose six artists who failed to turn any chairs, coach them through battle rounds of her own with the winner appearing on the live shows.

Tyshawn Colquitt puts his musical talents to work in an unusual way – he and his mom have a business called Pound4Sound in which she bakes pound cakes and he delivers them with a song. The oldest of 10 children, Tyshawn’s performance got Jennifer and Blake to turn their chairs. Blake noted that Tyshawn has a big strong voice; adding that even though he is in over his head, he really wants to be Tyshawn’s coach. Saying that Tyshawn’s voice is limitless in range, depth, and soul; Jennifer said that she wants to bring real R&B back. Tyshawn chose Jennifer to be his coach. Tyshawn brought pound cakes for the coaches.

Seventeen year old Tyke James calls the island state of Hawaii his home. His performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” got Adam to turn his chair. Adam came on stage to give Tyke a hug. Adam said that he loves Tyke’s voice; adding that it has a cool aura that is classic and modern at the same time. Jennifer called Tyke interesting. Kelly loved Tyke’s long hair.

Former child actor and girl group singer Ayanna Joni failed to turn any chairs despite the coaches thinking that Ayanna has a great voice. Blake admitted that he was out of his lane; adding that he probably overthought things. Kelly told Ayanna to come back with something that has a little more space. Jennifer was waiting for the big note. Ayanna became Keslea Ballerini’s first singer for the comeback stage.

After failing to turn any chairs last season, Mercedes Ferreira Dias returned to “The Voice” for another try. Th 17 year old singer had to wait until the end of the song before Blake and Kelly pushed their buttons. Kelly recognized Mercedes and said that she was glad that Mercedes came back. Blake said that Mercedes’ voice was so personal adding that he could hear her heart. Kelly said that the was a beautiful angelic style to Mercedes’ voice. Saying that he mom has a big crush on Blake, Mercedes chose Blake to be her coach. Blake went backstage to meet the family…and give mom a hug.

First generation Filipino American Radha got Adam, Blake, and Jennifer to push their buttons but Adam had blocked Jennifer. Adam said that the beginning of the song threw him back in his chair; adding that he was amazed Radha and her control. Saying that her feelings were hurt, Jennifer noted that Radha outdid herself. Blake said that they had never had a blind audition where somebody had kicked the down down; adding that Radha’s voice stayed on point throughout the song. Blake said that he thinks Radha could win. Radha chose Adam to be her coach.

In his video package Kameron Marlowe said that working with Blake would be a dream come true. Kelly and Blake both pushed their buttons and Kelly was up dancing around. Jennifer said that Kameron was good. Adam was upset and said that he should have turned his chair and then pretended to be Blake. Kameron chose Blake without even giving Kelly a chance to speak.

Iraqi veteran Mikele Buck cleaned out roadside bombs while deployed. He is a third generation veteran but after returning home his good buddy became one of the many military members who have died by their own hand. The full time musician had to wait until the last note before Kelly and Blake pushed their buttons. Saying that Mikele is a little rough around the edges, Blake noted that they don’t have anyone like the old styles around anymore.Saying that she loves country music, Kelly loved what Mikele did. With his family yelling from backstage to choose Kelly, Mikele chose Kelly to be his coach.

Playing before the biggest crowd that he has ever performed before Sam Hastings failed to turn any chairs. Blake loved the voice and pitch but he wanted to see more range from Sam. Kelly thought that Sam had a cool voice but wanted to see ore range.

Patrick Forston refers to himself as the Clark Kent of music; noting that he is an insurance man by day and a musician by night. As a child, Patrick was a Gospel singer; in fact, he was the youngest artist ever signed to a Gospel label but then the record label defaulted on his album. Kelly said that Patrick has a beautiful gift. Adam said that he had to turn; otherwise it would be an insult to music. Adam said that he could make things happen for Patrick. Jennifer said that Patrick’s voice opened up the gates of heaven. Patrick chose Jennifer to be his coach.

The final audition of the night was from 13 year old Kennedy Holmes. Along with singing, she also dances and was the only four chair turn of the night with Adam leading the way. Saying that her voice already sounds seasoned and controlled, Blake called Kennedy the best vocalist to audition this year. Blake wanted Kennedy to pick him for her coach so that she could teach him to sing like that. Kelly said that Kennedy deserved every chair turn. Kennedy said that she dreamed of being able to sing with Jennifer. Jennifer came up on stage and the two sang together. Jennifer called Kennedy a star. Adam noted that very rarely does anyone come around that can ignite their passion for what they do….but Kennedy did that; adding that she is the biggest thing to come on the show. Saying that she loves and adores all of the judges, Kennedy chose Jennifer to be her coach.

The Voice” returns on Tuesday with more blind auditions.

Team Adam:
Tyke James

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck