For some the Hard Rock Café is a out burgers and beer, for others it is about the memorabilia that lines the walls. But no matter which concept you choose, the Hard Rock Café is about the music…and not just for the visitors who come there. Some of the Hard Rock enplanes are also musicians and occasionally they get to share that music on the Hard Rock stage.

Such was the case for Stevie who works at the Café in Niagara Falls, New York on September 21 when Stevie and his band Soular Plexus jammed on the stage with a mix of original songs and cover tunes.

What set Soular Plexus apart from other cover bands is the music itself. The band didn’t just play quick renditions of the songs suitable for the radio; but rather, played long extended versions of the songs that had unusual arrangements to the songs that offered a refreshing change from the norm.

Soular Plexus kicked off the night with “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band” Other cover songs included “Tell the Truth”, “Dancing in the Streets”, “Louie Louie”, “Scarlet”, “Eyes of the year World”, and “Nobody Knows You”.

The original compositions included “Let Love Loose”, “Shapes and Sounds”, “Soldier King”, “Riverside”, and “Stop Outside”.

The night offered a mix of rocking tunes, dance songs, and chill out music.