On the second night of competition for “Dancing with the Stars”, the professiona dancers gets the night started off with a routine choreographed by award winning choreographer Mandy Moore.

Not all of the couples will have to perform on tonight’s show; just the six couple who are in jeopardy after the judges gave their scores and the fans cast their votes. The bottom six couples will perform a second dance for judge’s scores and the fans will get the opportunity for a live vote to save their favourites and at the end of the show, one couple will be eliminated.

In the first results of the night…
DeMarcus and Lindsay are safe
Tinashe and Brandon are also safe
Nancy and Val are in jeopardy
Joe and Jenna are safe despite earning the lowest score of the night

Mancy and Val are the first couple that will have to dance for their lives.

Beginning October 7 DWTS will begin the new series “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors”. In a preview, the DWTS Junior pros take to the dance floor for a performance.

In the next results…
Juan Pablo and Cheryl are safe
Nikki and Gleb are in jeopardy
John and Emma are also in jeopardy
Bobby and Sharna are safe – Bobby admits that he is not the best dancer on the show but says no one is going to have more fun than he will on the show.

Alexis and Alan are in jeopardy

Nikki and Gleb, John and Emma, and Alexis and Alan will join Nancy and Val in dancing for their lives.

During the television commercial breaks, members of the DWTS Troupe perform for the audience.

In the next results, the final couples learn their fates…
Milo and Witney are safe
Daneille and Artem are in jeopardy
Evanna and Keo are safe
Mary Lou and Sasha are in jeopardy

Danielle and Artem and Mary Lou and Sasha are the final couples to fill out the six couples that will have to dance for their lives.

Head judge Len Goodman noted that he saw some fantastic dances on premiere night; adding that everyone came out and gave it their all. Len said that the judges wanted to see DeMarcus and Lindsay reprise their saucy Cha Cha.

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews introduce the stars that will be participating in DWTS Juniors beginning next month.

Miles Brown
Ariana Greenblatt
Honey Boo Boo
Akasha Yukotti
Sky Brown
Mandala Morris
Sophia Pippen
Hudson West
Mackenzie Ziegler
Tripp Palin
Addison Osta Smith
Jaoson Maybaum

The cast of DWTS Juniors take the stage to perform.

Before the bottom six couples dance, Tom Bergeron reveals that one couple is indeed safe and will not have to dance for their lives…John and Emma are safe for another week.

The couples are performing the same style of dance as they did on premiere night but with new dance steps.

Mary Lou and Sasha are the first couple on the dance floor for the second time to perform a Cha Cha to “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. After the dance, Mary Lou said that the dance was for all the moms. Len said that the dance was clean and on tie with no messing about; adding that she did a great job. Saying that Mary Lou was back with a vengeance, Bruno noted that is how you deliver under pressure. Carrie Ann said that Mary Lou danced like a champ; adding it was the way to nail it. Mary Lou and Sasha scored 21 points for their dance. The couple have a total of 40 points from both performances.

Danielle and Artem perform a Foxtrot. Calling the performance lovely, Bruno noted that Danielle tried to use the dance floor more and tried to do what they told her to do; adding that her shoulders were better. Carrie Ann said that last night Danielle inspired her and tonight Danielle impressed her. Noting that of all the celebrities, Danielle has the greatest challenge, Len called Danielle a total inspiration. Danielle and Artem scored 18 points for their dance and have a total of 36 points over the two nights.

Nikki and Gleb performed a Salsa. Tom noted that Nikki looked like she was having more fun tonight. Carrie Ann like the overall presentation; adding that Nikki looked more comfortable tonight. Len said that last night the dance controlled Nikki, but tonight Nikki controlled the dance. Bruno noted that tonight Nikki’s attitude was much better; adding that the dance was frisky and flirty but she still needs to work on her hips. Nikki and Gleb scored 18 points for their dance and have a total of 35 points.

Alexis and Alan performed a Jive. Tom noted that Alexis had to be proud of that dance; adding that she did a good job. Len said that he was amazed to find Alexis in jeopardy; adding that she is a terrific dancer and they deserve to be there. Len said that if Alexis and Alan are eliminated, he will show his bum in the supermarket. Agreeing with Len, Bruno called the performance clean, precise, and strong; adding that Alexis s a great dancer. Carrie Ann said that she is more impressed with Alexis tonight. With the guys saying that it was the best dance of the night, Alexis and Alan scored 23 points for their dance.

The final dance of the night is a Quickstep from Nancy and Val. Noting that Nancy was much more at ease with herself, Bruno said that the dance was bright, vivacious and not so tense. Carrie Ann was impressed with the harder choreography tonight. Len noted that last night there was too much of a gap between the partners, but tonight they fixed the gap and were much closer together. Nancy and Val scored 21 points for their dance and have a total of 39 points.

Second Night scores:
Daneille and Artem – 18
Nikki and Gleb – 18
Mary Lou and Sasha – 21
Nancy and Val – 21
Alexis and Alan – 23

Total scores (for bottom five):
Nikki and Gleb – 35
Daneille and Artem – 36
Nancy and Val – 39
Mary Lou and Sasha – 40
Alexis and Alan – 44

Mackenzie Ziegler performed her new single “Wonderful”.

Fans were able to cast their votes online for their favourite couples before on couple was sent home.

In the final results of the night…
Danielle and Artem are safe
Alexis and Alan are also safe
Mary Lou and Sasha will also be dancing next week.

It is down to Nancy and Val and Nikki and Gleb with one of them going home.

Nikki and Gleb are the first couple to be eliminated on season 27 of DWTS. Nancy and Val are safe for another week.

Debut Night Scores:
Joe and Jenna – 14
Nikki and Gleb – 17
Evanna and Keo – 18
Danielle and Artem – 18
John and Emma – 18
Nancy and Val – 18
Mary Lou and Sasha – 19
Milo and Witney – 20
Bobby and Sharna – 20
Alexis and Alan – 21
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 22
Tinashe and Brandon – 23
Demarcus and Lindsay – 23