It’s a new season of stars and pro dancers competing in the Ballroom on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Season 27 kicks off the night with a group performance from the entire cast choreographed by two time Emmy Award winner Mandy Moore. Hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews return as hosts.

Mary Lou Retton and Sasha Farber kick off the competition with a Cha Cha to Bruno Mars. Retton is the first American female to win gold in the Olympics for gymnastics…and the first woman to grace the front of a Wheaties cereal box. Head judge Len Goodman congratulated Mary Lou, noting that it is always tough coming out first. Len said that Mary ou danced with terrific confidence and was pretty nifty for being fifty. Bruno said that Mary Lou hasn’t lost any of her competitive edge; adding that she is still very elastic and has great natural precision. Carrie Ann called Mary Lou golden; adding that the dance was clean, precise, sharp, and fantastic. Host To Bergron noted that Mary Lou looked relaxed on the dance floor but Mary Lou admitted to being nervous. Mary Lou noted that the Ballroom was filled with amazing energy. Mary Lou and Sasha scored 19 points for their dance.

Seventeen year old Disney star and “Zombies” actor Milo Manheim joined up with season 19 champion pro Witney Carson for a Cha Cha. After the dance, Tom noted that there was a proud mom in the audience. Bruno said there was a lot of energy and that Milo had brilliant timing; adding that Milo was great. Carrie Ann said that Milo was exciting to watch, had great dance stature and posture, but was a little wild. Calling it a dance well done, Len told Milo to stretch through the dance moves. Milo and Witney scored 20 points for their dance.

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe danced a Foxtrot. Carrie Ann noted that Evanna can dance; adding that she had great lines and control in her dance. Noting that it is tough to perform a Ballroom dance on week one, Len said that there is a dancer in there. Saying that it is a long way from Hogwarts, Bruno said that the magic was in Evanna; adding that the quality was in there and she cast a spell with her body. Evanna and Keo scored 18 points for their dance.

Paralympic skier Danielle Umstead is the first star to come to DWTS who is blind. She is paired up with Artem and they performed a Foxtrot for their first dance. In the video package Artem admitted to, “being in the dark,” and having no idea of how to teach Danielle. Noting that Danielle would not allow her husband to see her in rehearsals, Tom invited Danielle’s husband on stage and asked what he thought. Danielle’s husband said that he was blown away. After telling Artem that he did a good job in teaching Danielle, Len said that Danielle had good footwork. Bruno called the dance lovely; adding that it was a classic Foxtrot and was well done. Saying that she was still processing what she saw, Carrie Ann said that she could feel the bond with Artem; adding that performance was magical and that she is moving in the right direction. Daniele and Artem scored 18 points for their dance.

Radio personality and “American Idol” mentor Bobby Bones teamed up with Sharna for a Jive. Noting that he has no dancing experience, Bobby was jumping up and down and was very excited after the dance. Bruno called the performance surreal; adding that it was exquisitely demented. Saying that it was a little rough around the edges, Carrie Ann said that Bobby had a wild rock star thing happening and she loved it. Saying that Bobby came out and attacked the dance, Len said that Bobby was full on and flat out but that he got carried away. Bobby said that he has never had so much fun in his life. Bobby and Sharna scored 20 points for their dance.

Actor and singer Juan Pablo di Pace is paired up with two time DWTS champion Cheryl Burke for a Salsa to the music of Jennifer Lopez. Tom said that it did not look like a week one dance. Saying that the dance has fuego potential, Carrie Ann said that the chemistry was of the chart. Noting that the dance had a lot of rhythm, Len said Milo was, “100 percent the hunk with the junk in the trunk.” Len called the performance a top rate dance that had energy. Noting that he saw something very very hot, Bruno called it a Salsa that gets under your skin. Milo and Sharna scored 22 points for their dance.

Comedian Nikki Glaser is paired up with Gleb for a Salsa. Gleb met Nikki at The Improv while she was on stage performing. Calling the performance awkward, Len said that Nikki was too careful and had no hip action. Bruno noted that the dance wasn’t a total train wreck but did have a slight derailment at the hip junction. Saying that she could tell that it was all new to Nikki, Carrie Ann said that Nikki has a great body and spirit for dancing. Nikki and Gleb scored 17 points for their dance.

Model and social media star Alexis Ren joined up with Alan Bersyn danced a Jive to “Good Golly Miss Molly”. Alexis said that she joined the cast for her mom who loved the show. Tom said that he thought Alexis’ mom would be pretty happy with the dance. Bruno called Alexis a very good dancer; adding that it was a very good Jive. Noting that the dance was well rehearsed and choreographed, Carrie Ann said that the dance was very clean but urged Alexis to perform out more. Noting that the dance had attack, Len called it a great Jive. Alexis and Alan scored 21 points for their dance.

With an orange car on the dance floor, actor and singer John Scheider and Emma Slater performed a “Dukes of Hazzard” themed Foxtrot. Noting that John knows his way around a dance foor, Carrie Ann said that John had a natural elegance and charm when he danced. Len called the dance a bit rough; adding that it lacked finesse and quality of movement. Bruno compared the dance to a cross country ride; saying that it was always interesting and didn’t run out of fuel. John and Emma scored 18 points for their dance.

Music artist Tinashe is dancing with the newest member of the DWTS pro cast Brandon. The duo performed a Jive that Tom said didn’t look like a week one dance. Len said that the dance had plenty of snap, crackle and pop; adding that it was a top notch performance. Bruno called it a foxy Jive that was dynamic and clean. Bruno told Brandon that he did a good job. Carrie Ann called Tinashe a star who was something spectacular and did a fantastic job. The duo scored 23 points for their dance.

Facts of Life” star Nancy McKeon and Val danced a Quickstep to “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got that Swing)”. Saying that he loved the energy, Bruno noted that Nancy made a face for every step of the dance. Calling Nancy a storyteller, Carrie Ann liked how Nancy told a story; adding that she delivered. Noting that the dance was nothing fancy, Len said that it was a good solid dance. Nancy and Val scored 18 points for their dance.

Businessman and “Bachelor” reality star Joe – also known as Grocery Store Joe – paired up with Jenna Johnson for a grocery store themed Quickstep. Saying that the good news was that Joe had a big fan section, Carrie Ann noted that Joe is not a dancer…yet, but he does have charm. Saying that he is rooting for Joe, Len really like Joe’s personality. Saying that he can’t have everything, Bruno said that Joe has incredible looks and charm. Joe and Jenna scored 14 points for their dance.

In the final performance of the night, retired football player DeMarcus Ware performed a Cha Cha with Lindsay Arnold that had a very excited Lindsay say was so good. Tom noted that they liked to end the show on a high note; adding that he thinks they did that. Len said that DeMarcus has fantastic stage presence, wonderful personality, and is not a bad dancer. Bruno said that delightful delicious DeMarcus the dancer was as strong as titanium but was light as a feather. Bruno called DeMarcus the one to watch. Agreeing with Bruno, Carrie Ann noted that football players have a huge legacy on the show…adding she could see why. DeMarcus and Lindsay scored 23 points for their dance.

Debut Night Scores:
Joe and Jenna – 14
Nikki and Gleb – 17
Evanna and Keo – 18
Danielle and Artem – 18
John and Emma – 18
Nancy and Val – 18
Mary Lou and Sasha – 19
Milo and Witney – 20
Bobby and Sharna – 20
Alexis and Alan – 21
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 22
Tinashe and Brandon – 23
Demarcus and Lindsay – 23