Last week on part one of the finale of “Face Off” the three finalists were challenged to create original whimsical characters worthy of Louis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” that will be featured in a short film.

After creating their characters, the artists got to see their characters under the lights and on a monitor, the director John Wynn and Michael Westmore offered their advice on what they wanted to see and the changes that were needed.

As part two of the finale begins, the artists learn that John has made a big change to the script and the artists will have to create a third character. Alice changes when she moves through the mirror and each new character must reflect Alice in the different environments.

With all of the extra work, the artists get a little more help…
Jordan picked Jo
Matt picked Sasha
Walter got Kelly

And host McKenzie Westmore has one more surprise for the finalists…a special guest judge – seven time Academy Award winning makeup artist Rick Baker.

Up first is Jordan since his part of the film will be filmed first. Mel is having issues with Alice’s hands and is running behind. Filming is in the sun and some of the characters are losing pieces that have to be put back together. Alice’s hands aren’t right for the camera and repairs have to be made in only five minutes.

When filming wrapped up, John told the crew that the did a good job and Jordan was pleased with the results.

Up next is Matt who notes it is the most work they have ever had. They enlist some help from the models then they come in. Matt is everywhere at once in the last hour trying to ensure all of the work is done.

Matt is excited to see how his characters look on the set. John tells Matt, “God, your makeup is good.” Alice’s makeup lasted through the day. “Team Matt, awesome job!”

And finally it is Walter’s turn for application and shooting. There are some bad edges that need to be addressed and is taking more time than they thought. The Lollipop Ballerina’s cowel folded in molding and had to be fixed. Going into last looks, there is still a great deal of painting to be done and needs work going to the set.

Walter’s Ginger General is much better than it was in the lighting test. The Lollipop Ballerina comes together. Alice needs some work before she can go on camera.

John said that they did an awesome job.

On the reveal stage, everyone is sitting on thrones and fancy chairs.

John said that he is pleased with the results.

After the film viewing…
McKenzie told the artists that their work was phenomenal.

The judges spike with each of the artists about their work…
Glenn said that what Walter had done was impressive; adding that Alice’s face was confusing. Ve loved Walter’s Lollipop Ballerina. Rick said that applauded Walter for being able to survive the day. The judges noted that Walter ended up delivering three very strong efforts.

Ve said that Matt’s characters were beautifully done and well executed. Neville said that Matt’s characters had great shape and form. Rick remarked that all of Matt’s characters were very successful. The judges noted that all three of Matt’s characters were superb and worked well together; adding that Matt did a wonderful job. Neville said that Jordan’s intentions were all successful; adding that the silhouette on Alice was gorgeous. Neville said that Jordan’s characters were well executed and the team worked well together. Glenn noted that the characters were so successful. The judges noted that the characters perfectly matched Jordan’s skill set and conveyed the whimsy the best.

Head judge Glenn Hetrick named Matt as the winner of the “Face Off: Battle Royale”.