It’s week three of the duel rounds as the dancers continue to battle it out on the dance floor.

The first duel of the night junior singles Contemporary dancer Jaxon Willard and tap dancer Lucas Marinetto. Jaxon performed an emotional dance expressing his feelings for his birth mother and adopted mother that left Jaxon himself and members of the audience in tears. Jaxon ran to his adopted mom at the end of the dance. Noting that Jaxon got people crying, Ne-Yo called Jaxon powerful and vulnerable; adding that Jaxon is amazing at what he does. Jennifer said that Jaxon has an elegance in the way he dances; adding that it is an honour to watch. Derek called Jaxon a master storyteller who is in tune with himself. Jaxon earned 96 points for his dance.

Lucas took a step back in time with his performance. Jennifer noted that there is a happiness to the way Lucas dances; adding that it is refreshing. Jennifer called Lucas a great entertainer. Ne-Yo said that Lucas embodies everything that is cool about tap; adding that the rhythms were right on point. Ne-Yo called Lucas a walking masterpiece. Derek said that Lucas’ footwork is so clean; and it is satisfying. Lucas scored 88 points for his dance.

Jaxon Willard won the duel.

Next up Poreotics chose to duel Marissa and the Heartbreakers. Up first were Marissa and the Heartbreakers. Saying that he loved the routine, Derek said that it was super clean. Ne-Yo said that the girls made some great artistic choices and did a great job. Noting that the girls were dancing in stiletto heels, Jennifer said that they did a really good job but felt that the choreography was a bit wobbly in places. The Heartbreakers scored 83.7 points for their dance.

Derek loved the concept and humour in Poreotics’ performance but felt that they took too long to get to the best parts, comparing the routine to a jelly doughnut. Agreeing with Derek, Ne-Yo said that the group needed a wow moment throughout the dance. Jennifer felt it was a wow routine; adding that she thought it was stellar and was happy with it. Poreotics scored 87.7 points for their dance.

Poreotics won the duel.

Ballroom dancers Jonas and Ruby took Freshh for a duel.

Jonas and Ruby performed an Argentine Tango that included multiple costume changes during the routine. Jennifer said that the routine had drama from head to toe; adding that she is a sucker for a quick costume change on stage. Standing and clapping Derek said that the routine had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Derek came up on stage to demonstrate a move with Ruby. Ne-Yo said, “I swear, next season Derek is going to compete.” Ne-Yo noted that the duo used the whole stage for their dance; noting that the dance had drama and passion. Jonas and Ruby scored 91,3 points for their dance.

Noting that their performance was a big difference from last time, Jennifer said that the routine was good and clean. Saying that he loved the textures in the dance, Ne-Yo noted that the group took their notes from last time. Derek noted that the group upped their game; adding that the dance had some good groove moments but didn’t always match the music. Freshh scored 88 points for their dance.

Jonas and Ruby won the duel.

Derek and Ne-Yo engaged in a selfie competition.

Pursuit chose to battle The Ruggeds in a duel.

With The Ruggeds taking the stage first, Ne-Yo noted that it was the first time a dancer gave birth to another dancer on stage; adding that he loved it when a group took their notes and applied them. Saying that she loved the tricks, Jennifer noted that the group can do so much but she still wanted more dancing. Derek said that the tricks and transitions were fantastic but the dancing didn’t have the same impact. The Ruggeds scored 84.7 points for their dance.

Ne-Yo said that Pursuit had their game faces on; adding that he loved the intensity. Ne-Yo said that he liked the song better than the dance routine. While Jennifer thought that they were amazing dancers, she told the group that they should stay within their own strengths; adding that the routine was a little abstract for her. Derek loved the style and abstract movement but felt a disconnect between the music and the dance moves. Pursuit scored 82.3 points for their dance.

The Ruggeds win the duel.

There are three groups remaining in the Junior Team division; all three groups will battle with the highest score winning.

First up was the Canadian group Flip who danced to a Hip-Hop rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony that brought Derek to his feet. Saying that they really surprised her, Jennifer called the dance intricate and difficult but would have liked more in the line. Derek called the routine refreshing to see with a beautiful combination of formations and music. Derek said that it was definitely a redemption dance. Ne-Yo said that they proved why they are here. Flip scored 90. 3 points for their dance.

Next up were Dem Raider Boyz with a Step routine that included some A Cappella work. Jennifer loved it when the music dropped out and she could see what they were doing; adding that they did a really good job. Saying that he thought they were going to break the floor, Derek noted that the dance was much better than last time. Ne-Yo said that they really brought and did a great job. Dem Raider Boyz scored 85.3 points for their dance.

Last up were the Cubcakes Dance Crew who had a tragic moment just 10 minutes before going on stage. One of the crew members fell on her head. The crew went on to perform without her. Jennifer said that they just killed it; adding that they are beautiful to watch. Saying that he couldn’t tell one of the girls was missing; Derek said that they were so sassy it was ridiculous. Ne-Yo said that the Cubcakes came to play, were sassy, and clean. The Cubcakes scored 88 points for their dance.

Flip won the three way duel.

In the final battle of the night, Connection and Funkywunks dance it off.

The Funkywunks take the stage first with a retro routine to “Can’t Touch This” by M.C. Hammer. Saying that it was getting hot in there, Ne-Yo noted it took confidence to do the Running Man; adding that it was a great great performance. Jennifer called the dance innovative with things she hasn’t see before and loved it. Jennifer noted that she could see the group upped their game. Derek simply said that they did a great job. Funkywunks scored 85 points for their dance.

The final performance was from the Mexican Hip-Hop group Connection. Jennifer love the spirit and personality of the dance but wasn’t sure about the music. Derek said that the group’s dancing elevated the song; adding that they did a great job. Ne-Yo liked that he could hear the guys; adding that they definitely came to duel and did a great job. Connection scored 85.3 points for their dance.

With a very narrow margin of only three tenths of a point, Connection won the battle.

Next week the duel rounds conclude with a new air time of 9pm.