The time has finally arrived on “So You Think You Can Dance” and the fans get their chance to have a say in who will stay and who will go home.

In the first live show of the season, the night of dance begins with a group performance by the top 10 dancers that was choreographed by Travis Wall.

Host Cat Deely reveals that along with the $250,000 prize and a magazine cover, the winner of season 15 will be a part of the live television performance of “Rent”.

Joining Mary Murphy, Vanessa Hudgens, and head judge creator Nigel Lythgoe at the judge’s table this season is SYTYCD alum Twitch.

This week the top 10 are being paired with each other and will perform two dances – one in each dancer’s style.

First up is Jay Jay with Jensen with a Samba. Cat said that the dance was well done. Saying that the performance was great, Mary noted that Jay Jay had no struggles with the lifts. Nigel said that he expected Jensen to be great, but Jay Jay laid it down. Saying what a way to start the night, Vanessa noted that the partnership was wonderful. Twitch called it an incredible start to season 15; adding that the partnership was crazy and a beautiful thing.

Hannahlei and Cole performed a Tyce Diorio Contemporary routine to the music of George Michael. Noting that Tyce did a wonderful job, Nigel said that the routine was a brilliant concept. Noting that they don’t often get a Ballroom dancer who can dance Contemporary, Nigel said that Cole was stunning. Vanessa called the routine magical; adding that they had some beautiful connections. Twitch said that it ws a beautiful thing to witness; adding that it was an amazing piece full of beautifulness. Mary called it their “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” moment.

Chelsea and Evan performed a Ray Leeper Jazz routine. Vanessa said that they got them all grooving; adding that she felt it and loved it. Thanking them for bringing the heat Twitch felt a bit of a disconnect. Mary had fun watching the dance; noting that they were trying too hard to have chemistry together. Agreeing with all of his fellow judges, Nigel siad that he had nothing else to say.

Genessey and Slavik performed a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine that brought the judges to their feet. Cat noted that she sensed some chemistry. Calling the routine awesome, Twitch said that Luther Brown brought the sauce that everybody needed at the BBQ this summer. Mary said that they brought it and she bought it. Up doing a bit of dancing himself, Nigel said that they made it look easy. Vanessa said that she was not expecting the duo to be son on point and on fire.

Magda and Darius performed a Travis Wall Contemporary routine that brought the judges to their feet. Cat said that she to the chills. Noting that Travis Wall has an Emmy Award nomination this year, Twitch said that Travis was already setting the mark for next year’s Emmys; adding that the routine was excellent. Saying that the routine gave her the chivers, Mary noted that both dancers looked like Contemporary dancers Nigel said that it was all a question of mathematics – genius performers in Phillip Glass and Debbie Harry a brilliant choreographer in Travis Wall, a genius routine and two great dancers with a routine that they would be talking about for years to come. A near speechless Vanessa simply called the dance stunning.

Hannahlei and Cole kicked off the second round with a Paso Doble that Ballroom dance expert Mary Murphy said was a great job. Nigel noted that they did the choreography really well; adding that they were very strong. Saying that the duo did great, Vanessa noted that the routine was not easy. Twitch liked that he liked seeing the dancers perform two dances because it gave them a chance to see different shades of the performers.

Jensen ad Cole performed a Mandy Moore Jazz routine to Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s”. Calling both dancers fantastic, Nigel felt that they were a bit too sexual at times. Disagreeing with Nigel, Mary called Jensen a beast; adding that they were fantastic and flawless. Saying that she didn’t know what Nigel was talking about, Vanessa said that the performance was incredible. Agreeing with his female judges, Twitch called the performance incredible.

Evan and Chelsea performed a tap routine to “Singing in the Rain” by Jamie Callum. Vanessa said that it was a good effort. Noting that Chelsea is not a tapper, Twitch said that she just did a tap routine and it was brave. Noting that the dance was not up to Evan’s level, Mary called the dance sweet and endearing. Noting that the show has never done a tap dance routine with a non tap dancer, Nigel was thrilled at the attempt and getting people to tap dance; adding that he can’t wait to see Evan dance with Gabby.

Genessey and Slavik performed a Contemporary routine that brought the judges to their feet. Twitch thanked them for the routine and sinking their teeth into it; adding that they did an excellent job. Saying that they both dared to dream of this moment, Mary noted that the duo had two standing ovations tonight. Vanessa called the routine beautiful. Revealing a bit of a secret, Nigel said that they do not always put through the best dancers to the top 10, but also people that they think will grow, which is what they did with Genessey and Slavik. Nigel said that the routine was brilliant and nailed it; adding that the routine brought something out in both of them.

Magda and Darius finished out the night with a Cha Cha by Val Chmerkovskiy to “I Like it Like That”. Calling Magda a hot tamale, Mary loved Darius’ vibe; adding “I Like it Like That”. Nigel loved the rhythm; adding that the dance had controlled sexuality, was beautiful to watch, and a fantastic routine. Vanessa said, “That’s the Way, uh uh, I Like it”. Twitch said that it was like they weren’t doing a routine; adding that they got his soul to chimmying.

Next week the top 10 becomes the top eight when one guy and one girl will be eliminated.