World of Dance” continues with week two of the Duel rounds. By the end of the duel rounds, half of the dancers will be eliminated.

The first dancers to take the dance floor were The Lab and the Lil Killaz Crew.

Up first is The Lab with a routine that has Derek out of his seat in the first couple of measures. Jennifer notes in the video that they execute like pros and none of them are over the age of 16. Ne-Yo noted that that was how you set it up; adding that he was convinced they had superpowers because they stopped dead in mid-air. Ne-Yo noted that the group moved like one person. Jennifer said that that for her it might be one of the best group routines ever; adding that it was something really special. Asking where should he begin, Derek called the performance amazing and unbelievable. The group scored 95 points for their dance.

The Lil Killaz Crew performed a routine that had a lot going on. Jennifer noted that the guy spinning on his wrist was ferocious; adding that they did the best they could do. Derek was curious to see what the crew could do in a couple of years. Saying that they did a great job, Derek said that the crew brought the duel mentality. While Ne-Yo thought that the crew a fantastic job with an amazing routine, he felt that the routine was a bit chaotic at times. The crew scored 85.7 points for their routine.

With a score of 95 points, The Lab won the duel.


Next up were Alisa & Joseph who took on the Elektro Botz.

Derek said that Alisa and Joseph was great at storytelling; adding that he got lost in the performance. Saying that they did a great job, Ne-Yo said that the routine ws super smooth and in sync; adding that he didn’t know how competitive the routine was but he loved it. Jennifer called it a solid routine. Alisa and Joseph scored 87.7 points for their dance.

The Elektro Botz performed a routine that Jennifer said was well executed. She noted that the duel was very evenly matched. Derek loved the concept of a game in their dance; adding that there were some great visuals but nothing really stood out in the dance. Ne-Yo loved the creativity in the routine; adding that overall it was a good routine but was a bit messy in places. The Elektro Botz scored 87 points for their dance.

With a score of 87.7 points Alisa and Joseph win the battle by a mere seven tenths of a point.


When the Desi Hoppers took on the Opus Dance Collective, it was a battle of India against Canada and street dancers against trained studio dancers.

Jennifer said that the Opus Dance Collective performed a well executed routine that had so many nice moments in it. Noting that there were moments in the routine, Derek said that there were no moments to take his breath away. Ne-Yo said that while the routine was clean, he wanted an emotional connection. The group scored 83.3 points for their dance.

Jennifer said that the Desi Hoppers have their own personality with routines that were fueled by their culture and a range of emotions. Derek noted that the transitions in the routine were seamless; adding that they had fantastic combinations and was well executed. Noting that nobody dances like them, Ne-Yo said that their moves are their own. Ne-Yo said that win or lose, he will remember the Desi Hoppers. The group scored 90.3 points for their dance.

With a score of 90.3 points, the Desi Hoppers won the duel.


Sean and Kaycee chose the trio 3xtreme for a duel.

3xtreme gave a performance that the judges noted was a real duel. Noting that they came to fight, Jennifer called the routine amazing, but needed to be cleaner. While Derek said that the entertainment was off the charts, the routine had some messy moments. 3Xtreme scored 87 points for their dance.

Sean and Kaycee performed a routine that Ne-Yo said that great musicality but lacked an emotional connection. Disagreeing with Ne-Yo, Jennifer noted that Sean has a real talent in choreography; adding that they were poetry in motion. Derek called the routine stunning with so many moments; adding that they put on a musicality clinic. The duo scored 93.3 points for their dance.

Earning a score of 93.3 points Sean and Kaycee won the duel.


Royal Flux and Lock N Lol Crew battled it out in dance.

Jennifer said that Royal Flux’s routine was what life felt like; adding that it was really well executed. Derek said that the dance had innovation, creativity, and was beautifully done. Noting that they had a lot of tricks, Ne-Yo said that things picked up for him when they began to dance. Royal Flux scored 88 points for their dance.

The Lock N Lol Crew gave a performance that Jennifer said was precise with beautiful pictures; adding that there was something to be said tor a strong finish. Derek called the performance amazing and incredible with an exciting and refreshing locking style. Derek loved the performance. Ne-Yo said that the crew elevated locking; adding that it was amazing and they did a great job. The Lock N Lol Crew scored 89.3 points for their dance.

Scoring 89.3 points for their dance, Lock N Lol Crew won the duel.


The male duo of Marinspired take on the trio from Dragon House.

Performing first Marinspired dedicated their dance to the 14 year old daughter of their choreographer who was killed in the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Derek called the duo beautiful storytellers; adding they had a compelling narrative. Admitting that Contemporary is a difficult style for him because it is so abstract, Ne-Yo noted that the dance had a lot of big builds but was a bit too pedestrian for him. Jennifer loved the dance; adding that they used storytelling to their strengths. The duo scored 86.7 points for their dance.

Ne-Yo said that he felt Dragon House was holding back; adding that they were good but he knows that they can do better. Saying that the dance was well done, Derek said that they have incredible musicality but he wanted more dynamics. Jennifer noted that the trio are amazing at their style but said it was about coming together as one. Dragon House scored 86.3 points for their dance.

Marinspired won the duel by just four tenths of a point.


In the final battle of the night, Charity and Andres take on Vivian Ruiz.

Vivian gave a performance that had Jennifer saying Oh my God. Saying that she loved Vivian, Jennifer noted that dancers are made differently than other people; adding that they dance because they love to dance. She noted that Vivian had the passion and it was beautiful to watch. Derek said that Vivian’s execution was perfection; adding that she embodies everything it means to be a phenomenal dancer. Noting that she came here to fight, Ne-Yo said that Vivian did a great job. Vivian earned a score of 95.7 points for her dance.

Charity and Andres gave a performance that brought all three of the judges to their feet. Jennifer said that the performance felt so new. Ne-Yo said that the duo went beyond the amazingness of the dance and did things that a body can’t do. Derek noted that there was something to be said of one’s own choreography; adding that they know their own strengths and transcends the dance. Making “World of Dance” history, Charity and Andres earned the first perfect score of 100 in the history of the show.

Next week the duel rounds continue.