Known as the film capital of the world, Hlolywood is full of secrets. Perhaps one of the most surprising of those secrets is the number of actors who are also talented musicians – Clint Eastwood, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Steven Seagal, and Kevin Bacon just to name a few.

On July 27, Kevin Bacon and his award winning composer brother Michael – The Bacon Brothers – brought their musical talents to the Bear’s Den Showroom in the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino for a performance.

Kevin and Michael have been making music as a band for over 20 years. And like the brothers, the band behind them played a number of instruments. The stage was filled with guitars, keyboards, a variety of drums, a saxophone, ukuleles, a cello, and a harmonica.

Throughout the show, the brothers switched off describing the thoughts behind their original songs that covered everything from children and touring to items found in a songwriters pocket and a love affair with a bus.

Playing to a full house the set list included “Driver”, “Don’t Lose Me Boy”, “Shakin’”, “Broken Glass” a cello interlude, “493 Miles”, “A Road We Know”, “Unplug”, “Bus”, “Shake”, “36 Cents”, “Plug” “ Feel You”, “Perfect Pitch”, “Beneath Perfection” and “Two Rivers”.

After some rousing applause and cheers from the crowd, The Bacon Brothers returned to the stage for a two song encore of “Don’t Do Me Like That” and “Live with the Lie”.

The Bacon Brothers put on a show worthy of the many awards that line the shelves of their trophy cases.

Michael and Kevin Bacon were born in Philadelphia and later moved to New York City. Michael chose a path of music, while Kevin chose to pursue acting; but have come together as the musical duo The Bacon Brothers where both of their talents shine through to create an evening of musical magic.