Face Off” has reached the finale of the season…and the series. Jordan, Matt, and Walter will battle it out for the big prize and the title of “Face Off: Battle Royale” winner.

The three guys meet McKenzie Westmore on the “Face Off” reveal stage to learn their final challenge.

In part one of the two part finale, the artists will create their characters and do a lighting and camera test.

For their final challenge the artists will step “Through the Looking Glass” like “Alice in Wonderland”. Each artist must create two wildly whimsical characters that will appear in a short film directed by John Wynn.

Having to create two complete characters, McKenzie notes that the artists will need a little extra help. The eliminated artists return and the finalists each choose two artists for their team.

Matt chose Damien and Graham
Walter chose Yvonne and Derek
Matt chose Mel and Kevon

McKenzie told the artists that since Louis Carroll created Alice, some lost chapters have been found. With that in mind, they have created some “lost” chapters of their own to serve as the basis for the characters.

Matt chose “Questionable Queen” and has to create a porcelain prince and a tin jester
Walter chose “Team Time” and has to create a ginger general and a lollipop ballerina
Jordan chose “Garden Games” and has to create grasshopper and a fox.

The artists have three days before the lighting test to complete their characters.

Jordan is getting less happy the more he works on his grasshopper sculpt. Mel is working on the fox but is not pleased because it isn’t looking like a fox. Mel starts over while Jordan keeps working in hopes of getting it worked out.

Michael Westmore comes to the lab to offer some advice for the artists.

On day two, Jordan still isn’t happy with his grasshopper character and continues working to try and create what he wants.

Walter is getting very worried about getting all of his pieces molded. Walter says that he is way behind. Walter is trying to create a fat suit and uses his own hands for his character. One of the fingers breaks and he cannot use them. One of Walter’s molds locks up and then cracks in half, breaking up. He tries gluing the mold back together and salvage what he can. Walter says that this is the first time he has experienced such a monumental failure.

On day three there is still much to do..

Kevon is demolding the grasshopper piece, Mel’s fox masks came out well and Jordan begins pre-painting the pieces. During application, Kevon discovers that the grasshopper suit is too tight and has to carve out some of the poly-foam to make it fit. Jordan does a little experimenting on the grasshopper eyes.

Walter notes that he has some major repairs to do; there re chunks in his lollipop ballerina pieces. Walter is questioning everything and is getting frantic as time passes. Walter thinks that he has failed and is second guessing all of his choices.

Matt notes that he has a lot of patching to do; but adds that the application is going well.

Going into last looks, the artists still has a lot of work to do.

Matt is having some wardrobe issues.

On the movie set…
Matt notes that he sees all the flaws when he views his characters on the monitor.

Director John Wynn has a lot of suggestions for the artists on the changes he wants to see. Michael Westmore has a few suggestions of his own to help the artists keep from having to completely remake the pieces.

Walter said that so far everything is like a nightmare. He has a lot of re-sculpting to do on his characters. He is very upset over the state of his characters.

Next week, part two of the finale where the characters get put on film and head judge Glenn Hettrick names the winner.