Last week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the judges revealed the top 20, but there was a big twist…only 10 of them will be moving on to the live shows.

Up first the top 10 girls perform with an All Star in a dance choreographed by a world renowned choreographer.

Up first was Contemporary dancer Hannahleigh Cabonella who danced a Salsa with Jonathan to the music of Jennifer Lopez. After all three of the judges kept saying wow, Mary said that Hannahleigh was on fire; adding that they performed tricks Mary had never seen on the show before. Nigel said that the performance was stunning and fearless; adding that Hannahleigh delivered the goods. Vanessa noted that Hannahleigh’s core was so strong; adding that she shined on the stage.

Ballroom dancer Magda Fialek performed a Contemporary dance with Robert that brought tears to the eyes of Mary and Vanessa. Vanessa called the performance gorgeous. Mary said that Magda gave an honest performance. Nigel said that Magda should be very proud of herself. Later talking to his fellow judges, Nigel noted that Magda deserved to be in the top five.

Contemporary dancer Dayna Madison danced a Cha Cha with Paul. Saying that she did a very good job and was a little firecracker out there, Mary wanted to see more chemistry and noted that the routine felt a little uncomfortable in some places. Nigel said that Dayna danced very well. Saying that Dayna seemed like she was having the time of her life; Vanessa said that Dayna had the skills to back it up.

Contemporary dancer Genessy Castillo took on a Hip-Hop routine with season 10 champion Fikshun. After saying that Fikshun did some great work, Nigel noted that Genessy put in the work and it showed. Vanessa called the performance amazing; adding that Genessy brought the fire and was so much fun to watch. Saying that she couldn’t believe the attitude, Mary noted that Fikshun loved dancing with Genessey.

Tap dancer Brianna Penrose who paired up with Brandon for a Contemporary routine. Saying that Brianna danced beautifully, Vanessa said that it was great seeing Brianna in the routine; adding that there were some stunning moments. While Mary thought that Brianna did a beautiful job, she felt that some of the tricks were a but laboured. Disagreeing with his fellow judges, Nigel said that the routine felt heavy and plodding; adding that some of the transitions felt uncomfortable.

Chelsea Hough joined up with Johnathan for a Salsa. Noting that Chelsea really got into it, Mary said that Chelsea did an amazing job and noted that Chelsea really soaked up the technique. Saying that hips don’t lie, Nigel noted that Chelsea’s hips were going for it. Vanessa said that Chelsea did an incredible job.

Ballroom dancer Stephanie Sosa performed a Contemporary routine with season 14 winner Lex. Nigel noted that the routine was very nice to watch but had no wow factor. Vanessa noted that Stephanie’s passion is beautiful. Noting that Stephanie did a good job, Mary wanted to see more fluidity in the movements.

Sydney Moss performed a Cha Cha with Paul. Mary wanted to see more fire from Sydney; adding that Sydney needed to be more grounded. Nigel said that he didn’t feel that Sydney’s body was feeling the music. Saying that the dance felt a bit monotone, Vanessa liked the dance but didn’t love it.

Contemporary dancer Emily Carr paired up with season 10 champion Fikshun for some Hip-Hop. Vanessa said that the routine was so much fun to watch.ccMary loved the routine but wanted more energy from Emily. While it was a fun routine and she did it well, Nigel felt that the routine was missing some strength in places.

The final dance of the night was a Jazz routine with Jensen Arnold and Brandon. Saying that she gave a sensational performance, Nigel noted that Jensen has matured a great deal over the season so far. Vanessa noted that Brandon pushed Jensen to new places. Mary said that Jensen gave the most assured performance of the day.

After some deliberation and discussion Nigel revealed the results, but first he had a few words of advice…after congratulating all of the dancers on the work they have done during Academy Week, he told the girls who would not be moving on to use it as a stepping stone.

And now for the results…
Brianna did not make it into the top five
Sydney did not make it to the top five
Hannahleigh was the first dancer in the top five
Jensen is in the top five
Emily did not make in the top five
Magda is in the top five
Genessey is in the top five
Stephanie did not make the top five
Dayna did not make the top five
Chelsea was the final member if the top five

Next week it’s the guys turn.