After cowing to the political whims of the White House and establishing a ruling on the conduct of professional football players during the performance of the National Anthem, the NFL has tabled the matter.

The ruling was announced without prior consultation of the NFL Player Association; as a result, the Player’s Association has filed a grievance against the ruling.

In the wake of the grievance, the NFL has put a “freeze” on the ruling that would require all players and team personnel on the field during the playing of the anthem to stand at attention. Players who do not wish to stand may remain in the locker room.

The NFL and the NFLPA have issued a joint statement saying that both sides are currently working on a resolution jointly.

Only hours before the statement was issued, the Miami Dolphins had released a proposal on player conduct during the playing of the anthem. Under the new policy, the NFL required each team to submit their rules for conduct during the anthem.

The White House has been very vocal on the matter calling for players to be suspended for the entire season and even fired when refusing to stand for the anthem. The vociferous outrage is voiced on the misguided ideals that the players are showing disrespect for the nation’s colours when in fact they are bringing awareness to the gross injustices aimed at minorities on a daily basis.

It should be noted that the game of choice by the current White House resident – golf – does not start each competition with the playing of the National Anthem.