Tonight on “World of Dance” the qualifying rounds conclude in the first of a two night event.

The night of dancing begins with 14 year old Victoria Caban who pays homage to her Latina roots with a Flamenco dance. Victoria, whose parents come from Puerto Rico, said that if she won the million dollars she would use some of the money to help Puerto Rico. Jennifer noted that there was a grown woman in there. Noting that Victoria’s lines were exquisite, Jennifer said that it was like watching art with an outstanding performance. Ne-Yo said that Victoria kicked it up to the “World of Dance” level. Calling Victoria the Misty Copeland of Flamenco, Derek said that the performance was captivating with gusto and grace. Victoria scored 90.7 points for her dance.

The Contemporary dance group The Pursuit gave a performance that ended up giving Jennifer goosebumps. Noting that she wasn’t sure at first, Jennifer said that the group was strong and powerful. Ne-Yo said that the performance was a prime example of an elevated Contemporary style and he enjoyed it from top to bottom. Derek loved the counter rhythms in the routine; adding that it created magic and it was awesome to watch. The Pursuit scored 87 points for their dance.

The Contemporary dance duo of L&J had Ne-Yo marking that the duo had passion even before they began the dance. Though not a couple, Jennifer said that the chemistry made her believe that they were a real couple; adding that they were each a half that made a whole. Saying that it was all about the passion Ne-Yo said that they made him feel it. Derek said that the duo wer great partners and were authentic. L&J scored 90,3 points for their dance.

The Pulse is a Utah group from Centerstage – the same studio where Derek Hough danced. Derek said that they did a great job but there were some erratic movements. Derek went up on the stage to show them. He told them that they needed to be calm and strong. Jennifer said that she loves to see Derek dance; adding that it reminds you of another level of dance. Ne-Yo said that from what he saw the potential was there but it wasn’t there quite yet. Thanks to an 84 from Jennifer the group made it into the dual rounds with a score of 80.3 points.

Dressed in leather and point shoes, Avery and Marcus performed a fusion of Ballet and Contemporary dance to rock music. Calling them super talented, Jennifer said that overall it was a very strong performance but she felt the nerves. Saying that they were great, Ne-Yo said that the strength and agility from the duo was impressive. Derek loved the fusion; adding that the energy and performance was there but he noted that there was some issue with the transitions. Avery and Marcus scored 84 points for their dance.

The Orlando Hip-Hop group Funkywunks brought Derek out of his chair. Saying that they were sexy and they knew it, Jennifer said that they made everybody smile. Ne-Yo called them amazing; adding that it was clean and fun from stat to finish. Derek called the performance very original with some great wow moments; adding that he loved it. The group scored 87 points for their dance.

In a series of clips Iowa Girlz scored 87.3 points, Dem Raider Boyz scored 84 points, Girlcool scored 81.7 points, Second to None scored 82.7 points, the Lil Killaz Crew scored 83 points, the Opus Dance Collective scored 80.7 points, the trio 3Xtreme scored 83.3 points Angyl scored 85.3 points, and Tribe Unleashed scored 83 points.

In the final dance performance of the qualifying rounds, the South Korean group Morning of Owl brought Derek to his feet. An excited Jennifer called the performance spontaneous and fun; adding that she really enjoyed it. Ne-Yo loved how the group incorporated martial arts and some things he had never seen before in the routine. Noting that the band started slow, Derek called the dance moves sick; adding he is curious to see what else they were going to do. The group scored 84 points for their dance.

On Wednesday, “World of Dance” moves to its new night with the first episode of the dual rounds.