Last week on “Face Off” Jordan won his first challenge with his sea creature. This week the six remaining artists enter the semi finals as the season and the series nears and end.

When the artists enter the lab, it is pitch dark and decorated like a bat cave.

Host McKenzie Westmore tells the artists that for centuries there has been a lot of superstitions surrounding bats…and vampires. This week’s spotlight challenge is for each artist to choose a bat and use it as inspiration for an original vampire character.

McKenzie reveals that there are no more head to head battles; it’s each artist for themselves.

And since it is the semi finals, half of the artists will be eliminated since there are only three spots in the finals.

Since he won the challenge last week, Jordan gets some extra help from an industry expert – two time Emmy Award winning makeup artist and vampire expert Todd Masters. The duo have two hours to work together.

Series mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice to the artists…
He tells Mel that her sculpt is looking too cute. She eventually decides to exaggerate the ears but wants a beautiful vampire.
He offers some advice to Matt on creating shadows.
He advises Walter on making his character more vampirish and less human.
Derek gets some advice on the details and his character’s nose.
Damien asks for some suggestions about his character.
Michael advises Jordan that the ears on his character look too much like “Harry Potter”.

Mel wants to add wings to her character.

Matt’s mold cracks but he manages to make repairs and the mold comes out fine.

Walter is so focused on working on the details, he doesn’t realize that he is the only one who is not in the mold room. Once he makes it to the mold room, he gets his mold open but discovers it is full of clay and the end of the day is fastly approaching. He manages to get everything cleaned out in time.

On application day Walter discovers that his mold has some steam pockets but he thinks that he can cover up the bad spots.

Matt’s pieces came out good after mishap but he is worried since he has a lot of parts to his character.

Going into last looks the artists still have a lot of work to do.

After the reveal and closer looks, McKenzie announces that normally they would announce the best and worst looks but since this is the semi finals and a battle royale, the artists have one more chance to show the judges what they are made of and have one more hour of last looks to show what the vampire would look like after being exposed to the sunlight.

Walter is not happy with his burn makeup.

The judges get a second close up look at the characters.

This week the judges do not speak with the artists, but only confer with each other on the makeups.

The judges were impressed with Matt’s ability for authenticity and originality; adding that he had some intelligent work, a beautiful paint job, and stepped up his game this week.

Walter’s character was strong from the front and in profile. Noting that Walter is phenomenally talented, the judges loved the paint job and said that his work was really well done.

The judge’s felt that Mel’s character was cutsie and gothic; adding that the burn effect was not well executed.

Derek’s character was soft and undefined except in the face; but his exposure makeup looked real.

While Damien had an interesting chest piece, it didn’t carry up to the face and the exposure looked more like acid than a burn.

Jordan’s character was really well done and had an exquisite paint job. The judges noted that Jordan has been listening to what they have had to say over the season.

Saying that he has had fantastic makeups all season long, Glenn names Walter as the first person moving on to the finals.

With a creative vision that is one of a kind, Matt is also in the finals.

And the winner of the challenge and the final person moving on to the finals, Jordan wins his second challenge.

Mel, Derek, and Damien have been eliminated from the competition.