As the NFL teams prepare for preseason camp, the Miami Dolphins is the first team to release the rulings surrounding the new policy regarding the National Anthem and player protests.

Under the new NFL Anthem policy, the teams can be fined but the individual teams are responsible for any punishment for players who violate the rule.

The proposal submitted by the Dolphins states that the policy surrounding the National Anthem falls under the category of “conduct detrimental to the club” with punishment including a suspension of up to four games or a fine. The collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association states that fines are limited to no more than one week’s salary.

The ruling does not apply to players alone but to any team employee. Any team member on the playing field during pre-game ceremonies must stand at attention during the performance of the National Anthem; otherwise the team member may remain in the locker room.

Meanwhile, Tennessee Titans player Jurrell Casey has stated that he will continue the protests he started last season. Titans CEO Steve Underwood states that he intends to speak with Casey on the matter once Casey returns to the U.S.; Casey is currently in the United Kingdom. Underwood stated that he believed Casey did not understand how the new policy works.

The NFL Players Association has filed a grievance with the NFL over the new policy.