Last week on “The Four” it was the third week in a row where all four of the singers were challenged and rocker Jesse Kramer lost his seat after Noah Barlass beat Kramer out in the audience vote.

This week it is the final week of auditions and the last chance for the challengers to try and dethrone one of “The Four”.

The Four” get the night of music started with a group performance.

Classically trained Jeronelle McGhee is the first challenger to take the stage. Saying that he has studied the show and the singers, he chose to perform the Alex Clare song “Too Close”. Meghan said that he had an incredible voice. Sean noted that his relentlessness to get on the show and perform was truly inspirational. DJ Khalid enjoyed the performance and thought that Jeronelle sang great but wondered if he had what it takes to beat one of “The Four”. Jeronelle got three yeses and the right to challenge one of “The Four”. He chose to challenge Noah Barlass. After the audience vote Jeronelle becomes the newest member of “The Four” unseating Noah.

Next up to try and challenge one of “The Four” is Mackenzie Johnson who brought her guitar for a performance of the Justin Bieber song “Love Yourself”. Saying that Mackenzie reminded her of herself, Meghan said that the performance was a bit shaky. Sean noted that he liked the comfort and tone in the last four bars of the song. Mackenzie got three nos for her performance.

Leah-Jenea Gaines comes from a musical household came out on stage with a lot of energy for her performance of “Best Part”. Sean said, “you did that!” Meghan loved Leah’s voice and tone; adding that she was unique and sounded like nobody else. Bringing out his candle, DJ Khalid liked the incredible energy; adding that he saw Leah. Leah-Jenea got three yeses and chose to challenge James for his seat. Leah’s choice got Sean excited for what was to come. After both performances and the audience vote Leah-Jenea upsets “The Four” and takes over original member James Graham. With that Sharaya J is the only original member of “The Four” remaining.

Next up to hopeful challenge one of “The Four” is rpaper AJ Reynolds who performs one of his own songs. AJ engaged the audience and had them joining in. DJ Khalid noted that AJ had something when he performed an original song and got the crowd to join in. Meghan noted that it was the most energy of anyone she had seen on the stage. Calling AJ authentic, Sean said that AJ has some writing skills; adding that he hopes AJ has another one because he plans on putting AJ through. Sean said he wants a copy of AJ’s first song – “Cheeks”. AJ got three yeses and said that he thinks Sharaya needs a battle. After the two rappers battle it out in song, Sharaya J successfully defends her seat and becomes the longest seat holder in “The Four” history.

Anthony Garguila-is a theme park performer but is looking move out on is own. He met Meghan Trainor when he was little and she recognized him. Meghan said that she felt like Anthony gave her everything. DJ Khalid said that he wanted to see just how good Anthony is and battle Ali. DJ Khalid got his wish and will challenge Ali in the last battle of the night. DJ and Sean both noted that Anthony gave a performance suitable for Broadway or the theater. They were shocked when Anthony told them that he is a performer at Universal Studios in Orlando. In the final vote of the night, Ali Caldwell holds on to her seat.

The auditions are over, next week is the comeback show and only two weeks until the season finale.
At the end of the show a not appeared stating that there were some technical issues with the voting app in the studio and the winner of the final battle between Ali Caldwell and Anthony Garguila was determined by the judging panel.