This week on “Word of Dance” the qualifying rounds continue as dancers continue to vie for the $1 million prize.

Kicking the night off was the all girl Hip-Hop group Cubcakes Dance Crew whose youngest member is only nine years old. Jennifer noted that it was always amazing to her to see babies like them come out with so much poise; adding that the dance was clean and precise. Jennifer noted that the girls have the making of a really great dance crew. Asking how is he supposed to judge that, Ne-Yo said that the crew was super clean in in sync. Saying that they did a great job, Derek noted that the crew’s personality was ridiculous. The crew scored 83 points for their dance.

Luka and Jenalyn made a return visit after being cut during the dual rounds last season. Noting that it was good to see them back and looking different; Jennifer said that they have the tricks that most people cannot do. Derek loved the intro; adding that they did an all around great job. Saying that he loved that they took their notes from last season, Ne-Yo said that they did a great job. The duo scored 87 points for their dance.

The tap dance group The Jam Project performed to “2 or 6 to 4” by Chicago and brought rousing cheers from the crowd. Noting that tap was such a classic form of dance that he would like to see thrive, Derek loved the counter rhythms; adding the guys did a great job. Ne-Yo loved that the group used the entire stage. Noting that tap is a classic art form Jennifer said that the guys needed to bring the legacy to it. The Jam Project scored 83 points for their dance.

The male Contemporary dance duo Marinspired brought Jennifer to her feet with their performance. Jennifer said that the guys did some beautiful work; adding that they were so strong and awesome. Noting that it was the first time on the show, Jennifer said that you don’t get to see two guys dancing together very often. Saying that they had some great storytelling, Derek noted that the dance was abstract on purpose. Ne-Yo noted that the lack of clean and order is what made the dance beautiful. The duo scored 91,3 points for their dance.

Estonian couple Alisa and Joseph took the stage for their first ever competition. Calling them adorable, Jennifer said that she loved the dance; adding that it was really delightful and so cute. Saying that he loved it when it felt real, Ne-Yo added that he felt like he had seen it all before. Derek loved the theatrics but wondered whether they could be competitive. The couple scored 90.7 points for their dance.

The duo known as The Gentlemen performed to a Ne-Yo song and even brought flowers to Jennifer at the end of the dance. Jennifer noted that the performance felt like the two brothers were dancing on the street; adding that they need to bring it to the stage. Joking that they should have chosen a better song, Ne-Yo loved the performance. Derek like the dynamic of the dance; adding that the boys had swag; but the brothers could only garner a score of 79.7 points for their dance and failed to move on to the next round.

Members of The Dragon House dance crew in Atlanta has brought a lot of dancers to reality dance competitions, Three of the crew’s animators took the stage on “World of Dance” to perform. Ne-Yo said that he was very familiar with what they did and wanted more. Noting that the trio were in sync, Jennifer said that the in btetween was lacking for her. Derek noted that their were some great moments in the dance but it wasn’t consistent. Getting a score of 79 points from Derek, the crew squeaked by to the next round with a score of 80 points.

In the final performance of the night, the all female Contemporary dance group the Quad Squad that brought Derek to his feet during the dance. Noting that the group’s strength was incredible, Derek called the girls a great team. Calling the girls amazing, Ne-Yo said that they were super together and moved as one. Saying that their were some mind blowing amazing moments, Jennifer noted that they played to the girl’s individual strengths; adding that was what made a great team. Derek thanked the girls from reminding him not to skip leg day. The team scored 89 points for their dance.

Next week in a two night event, the qualifying rounds conclude and the dual rounds begin.