Only six artists remain on this 13th season of “Face Off” and this week it is time to see what the remaining artists are made of.

When the artists enter the lab they find all manner of nautical artifacts. For centuries treasure hunters have sailed the high seas but feared getting to close to the edge of the earth or they would be devoured by monsters.

The artists must create a sea monster that was inspired by illustrations from a 16th century map. And since they are creating sea creatures, the creations will be tested in their natural environment…underwater. The makeups must be waterproof. The judges will see the creatures both on the land and in the water.

This week’s match ups are:
Derek and Mel
Matt and Walter
Jordan and Damien

During season two, Matt was the champion on the sea monster challenge.

Mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice for the artists. After talking with Westmore, Derek makes some changes to his sculpture and is much happier with the result.

Mel has a concept of what she wants to do but it isn’t coming out in the clay.

When Mel comes into the lab on day two, she does not like her sculpt; she tears it apart and starts over.

Jordan is getting more excited the more work he gets done on his sea creature.

Matt is working to emphasize the profile of his sea creature.

Damien is getting very ambitious with his sea creature and has a lot of pieces to apply.

Mel chose a seahorse for her inspiration and is creating a mane for her creature.

It’s application day and only four hours to apply the pieces with only one hour in last looks. The artists have a lot of extra work to waterproof their prosthetic pieces.

Mel is running way behind, her model is giving her a hand with the waterproofing.

Derek has some repair work to do on his model when the chest piece does not fit properly.

In his meeting with Mel, Michael Westmore told her not to start with black paint, she forgot what he told her and laid down the black paint first and then tried to add gold, it begins to turn green. She has a plan to recover the paint job during last looks.

Damien said that he has two hours of painting to do and only an hour to do it.

While in the tank pieces from Damien’s creature come off.

After the reveal, closer looks, and dive into the tank;

In Mel against Derek, Derek wins
In Walter against Matt, Matt wins
In Jordan against Damien, Jordan wins

The judges spoke with some of the artists…
Glenn said that Matt’s creature was phenomenal; adding that the head shape was gorgeous and had great balance. Ve loved the chest piece and Neville said that the side view was perfect. The judges noted that Matt’s creature was one of the finest they had seen and was fantastic underwater.

Ve said that Mel’s creature looked bizarre to her and not a success for her. Neville felt that the creature did not feel terrestrial or mythical. Glenn noted that Mel made some disastrous paint decisions.

Neville said that Jordan’s creature was so well crafted and conceived. Glenn noted that the creature had a killer profile; adding that the makeup worked well underwater. Calling the creature gorgeous, Ve said that it gave her goosebumps; adding that the creature could walk on to a movie set right now.

Glenn said that Damien’s paint job fought the sculpture and noted that it lost some of its components in the water. Calling the paint job the most problematic, Ve questioned Damien’s use of turquoise. Neville called the creature confusing.

Saying that it was a killer makeup, Glenn named Jordan as the winner of the challenge. This was Jordan’s first win.