This week on “World of Dance” the qualifying rounds continue with a new group of challengers.

First on the dance floor are the 13 member crew of Embodiement – a group of dancers who have performed backup for some of the best artists in the world including Jennifer Lopez, Prince, and Sia. Jennifer said that they were very strong technically with strong formations; adding that it was a great dance piece. Derek called the piece powerful, strong, and beautiful. Ne-Yo said that the dance was masculine and elegant at the same time. The guys scored 84,7 for their dance.

Ten year old world Ballroom champions Daniel and Mishella performed a Jive to “Runaway” by Bruno Mars. Daniel is a mini Derek. Saying that it was like looking in a mirror 20 years ago, Derek noted that he was nowhere near that good at 10. Derek said that Mishella had some fantastic footwork. Jennifer said that it was like watching two grownups; adding that they were adorable and outstanding. Ne-Yo said that what Daniel lacked in height, he made up for in fashion sense. The duo scored 82.7 for their dance.

The all female group Marissa and the Heartbreakers perform in high heels. Noting that they didn’t have a group like this last year, Jennifer said that they have a special skill; adding that while it was a really good routine, she knew that they wer capable of doing more. Calling them superheroes, Derek noted that the routine was clean and uniform. Saying that they caught everybody’s attention when they walked out on the stage, Ne-Yo said that the routine was super clean and tight. The team scored 83.7 points for their dance.

Twelve year old Madison Brown performed a Contemporary routine that caught Ne-Yo’s attention. Jennifer said that there was a womanly quality to the way she dances; adding that Madison was beyond her years. Calling the performance fantastic, Derek said that there was a maturity in Madison’s performance. Madison scored 87 points for her dance.

The Vancouver, British Columbia crew Freshh performed a Hip Hop routine. Saying that the dance was clean and tight, Ne-Yo said that their name completely fits the crew. Jennifer called the dance a funky Hip Hop; adding that they were in the pocket and did a really great job. Derek noted that the group had some fantastic footwork; adding that while their mechanics were on point but he wanted to feel something. The group scored 84 points for their dance.

Silver Beat is a group of dancers from various areas in Africa. They use their dance to inspire and help their fellow Africans. They performed an African dance inspired Hip Hop routine. Saying that they did a good job, Jennifer loved the energy and the feeling they brought to the stage. Ne-Yo said that it was a great performance; adding that the dance was not what it could be. Derek said that he loved the overall spirit and what the group was doing. Failing to reach the 80 point minimum, Silver Beat scored 78.7 points for their dance. Ne-Yo told the group to take their notes and come back because the group was needed. Jennifer noted that it was hard to send somebody that talented away.

In the last performance of the night, the Contemporary dance group Royal Flush returns after being eliminated in the dual round last week. Three hours before the show, one of the dancers was injured during a rehearsal. The injury turned out to be a fracture and was told not to put any weight on the foot. She opted to perform anyway. Derek said that they did a great job; adding that the transitions were so creative. Ne-Yo noted that the fact she went on despte the injury, spoke to the quality of the kind of athlete she was. Jennifer was glad that they came back; adding that they were great technical dancers and so emotional but wanted them to clean it up. Roayl Flux scored 87 points for their dance.