It’s an elimination week on “Face Off: Battle Royale” as the artists spend some time in the Grand Hotel.

Last week, Damien’s Aztec alien god won him the challenge…and a little extra help this week from Mike Mekash.

When the artists enter the lab, it is filled with an eerie hotel scene and host McKenzie Westmore as a hotel worker. She has rooms for all of them…on the 13th floor. But when the staff went to prepare the rooms they dsappeared.

This week’s challenge is to take the tag of a hotel worker and create a quirky ghostly hotel worker. The artists have only two days to complete the challenge.

Damien and Matt have the chef
Graham and Walter have the concierge
Kelly and Jordan have the bellhop
Kevon and Mel have the maid
Derek and Yvonne have the handyman

During her previous season, Yvonne created a ghostly handyman and is now questioning her choice of another handyman.

Award winning makeup artist Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some suggestions and advice to the artists.

Damien is fabricating a fat suit for his chef.

Mel wants to create a boney ribcage for her character and gets a little help from Yvonne as a model to draw a ribcage.

Choosing the maid, Kevon uses a hot gun on a wig to create a spider web effect.

The end of day one is nearing and Kelly isn’t feeling her sculpt and says that it isn’t working.

On day two, Derek comes in to the lab and is happy with his mold. He plans on using silicone to create the face piece. Mel also chose to use silicone for her molds.

Damien is concerned about the contrast on his paint job and says that he has a lot of work to do in last looks.

Kelly left her brushes in the lab and had to use her lip gloss brushes to finish painting her model.

Yvonne used gelatin to create a burned effect; the gelatin on the mode was coming off and she had no time to repair it.

Going in to the reveal, Graham was not at all happy with his character.

When McKenzie introduced the judges, Ve Neill greeted the artists in a ghostly voice.

After the reveal the hote staff put on a little performance for the judges.

After closer looks, McKenzie revealed the winners of each pairing…

in Graham vs Walter, Graham was the winner
in Yvonne vs Derek, Derek was the winner
In Matt vs Damien, Matt was the winner
In Mel vs. Kevon, Kevon was the winner
In Kelly vs Jordan, Jordan was the winner

The judges wished to speak with a few of the artists…

Glenn had huge problems with Mel’s colour pallette; adding that her character didn’t look dead. Ve said that the makeup looked a bit muddy. Neville said that the paint job looked more like a theatrical makeup. The judges felt that Mel did not properly address the challenge.

Saying that the character had a great distance read, Ve called Kevon’s creation very successful. Nevill and Glenn noted that the character was perfectly balanced. The judges said that Kevon did an overall great job and created a cohesive character.

Neville said that Kelly’s character had a lack of integrity n the face. Glenn said that the face on Kelly’s character had the proportions of a mail box instead of a head. Ve said that the pain job was lacking. The judges noted that the character was not done well. Since her win on week one, Kelly has been in the bottom each week.

Glen said that Matt gave him exactly what he was looking for in the challenge; adding that the character worked exceedingly well in the performance. Ve loved the colour pallette…and the forks sticking out of the character. Ve said that Matt did a great job. While Neville loved the sculpture, there were some parts that didn’t add up for him.

Ve didn’t feel very inspired by Yvonne’s character. Neville felt that the character wasn’t cohesive. Glenn said that the character felt alive and organic; adding that it wasn’t a ghost.

Saying that he made some great stylistic choices, Glenn named Matt as the overall winner this week.

Again this week, two artists went home. Of the three women remaining in the competiton – Mel, Kelly, and Yvonne – only Mel is left in the competiton when Glenn sent Kelly and Yvonne home.