This week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” all of the season 10 queens return for the annual reunion where the queens will let it all hang out and have their say.

After RuPaul asked the queens whether they were ready to spread the T…and nothing but the T.

Vangy left the show early n the season but her name lived on as an expression, greeting, and even a verb. Saying that she had not planned to go so early, but as soon as the promo came out, she began to make bookings and capitalize on the fame.

Ru notes that there were some epic lip sync performances this season and aired a few clips.

In every season there are queens who get into each others faces, fight constantly, and engage in lots of aggressive conversations. This season The Vixen was a fighter who would take on any queen in the room. The queens discuss a few of the confrontations with The Vixen this season. Eureka and The Vixen also some very aggressive discussions this season. When RuPaul asked them how it felt watching the episode, the queens were silent. Eureka tried to explain her side, but The Vixen wasn’t buying it. RuPaul told both queens that they were both responsible and weren’t off the hook. RuPaul says that they had a choice. After having her say and thanking her fans, The Vixen walked off the stage.

The queens discussed The Vixen’s leaving the stage, and the conversation got very passionate and emoitional. RuPaul herself talks about her feelings and how she has been in their place. She notes that the world is hard and we all have to learn to deal with it. Aja got very emotional saying that they were all human and they should try to help those who need it.

There was a clip of Dusty talking about being excorcised, and being forced to go to straight therapy. She finally told them enough and left. She says that while the famiy still doesn’t agree, they did apologized for what took place.

A deeply spiritual Monique also spoke on family issues because of parental issues. She says that it has been worth the pain to become the person she is and be a role model for the young black gay youth. RuPaul points out that Monique has found the truth in the Bible in her own way and she is walking the path.

On the mainstage Blair St. Clair gave a confession that her first sexual encounter was an assault. RuPaul asked her about the episode. Blair said that sometimes your heart knows things before your brain does. RuPaul asked how she dealt with the issue and Blair said that she drank a lot…something that she realized after coming home from the show. She is now sober. RuPaul thanked her for being so brave.

Aja talks about being from the Caribbean Island St. Lucia and her mother’s reluctance to admit that her son is gay – something that the church has demonized. She reveals that she sings in the choir every Wednesday night…in drag.

In China, drag queens are viewed as mentally ill.

Time for Toot or Boot – reviewing the runway looks.

Monet has a surprise for RuPaul…her won sponge dress.

Unseen clips from the judge’s table.

After the evil twin challenge, RuPaul asked the queens who should go home and why. RuPaul asked Miz Cracker about Aja’s remarks that Cracker was not a star. Aja apologized for her remarks.

RuPaul turned it over to the queens to pose questions to each other. The queens point out to Kameron that she walkes into the room and ignores everyone; but Kameron disagrees. They ask who are you?

And the library is open…

Aquaria, Aja O’Hara, Kameron Michael, and Eureka are the last four queens standing and will go head to head in a lip sync smackdown. RuPaul askes the remaining queens who they think should win.

In closing, RuPaul said that she may be the host of the show, but all the queens are her teachers.