As “The Four” continues to look for the best music artists, only two of the original Four remain.

Sharaya J and James Graham hold on to their spots with newcomers Whitney Reign and the show’s first rocker Jesse Kramer.

Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, and Sean Combs will decide who of the challengers will get the chance to unseat one of “The Four”.

Jesse Kramer and his guitar get the week’s group performance started off.

The first performer of the night is R&B singer Ebon Lurks with Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”. Saying that Ebon made her want to cry, Meghan thought it was a great song choice; adding that Ebon felt comfortable on the stage. Saying that he though Ebon was holding back, Sean noted that Ebon did give him a feeling. Sean like the tone of Ebon’s voice. Saying that he liked Ebon’s tone and voice, DJ Khaled thought the performance was cool but added that Ebon needs more growth. Ebon got three yeses and the right to challenge one of “The Four”. Ebon decided to take on the rocker Jesse Kramer. Jese chose the Joe Cocker hit “You Are so Beautiful” for his performance and sang without his guitar. Ebon ang “Mine”. With the audience making the decisions, Fergie named Jesse as the winner of the challenge. The rocker holds on to his spot and is locked in for the night.

Next up was Martha Reeves godson and Rprince’s cousin Elijah Connor. He noted that the church, where he begna singing at age five, teaches you to move people without the auto-tune. DJ Khaled questioned whether Elijah could beat any of “The Four”. Meghan called him talented but didn’t think he could beat anyone already up there. A very unhappy Sean said that he did not like the performance; adding that it was filled with too many trick. Saying that he knows Elijah is talented, Sean said that Elijah could do better. Elijah got three nos for his performance. After a stare down with Sean, Elijah thanked everyone for the opportunity to perform.

Ready to leave it all on the stage, Matt Bloyd took on Whitney Houston with “How Will I Know” for his performance. Meghan loved what Matt did with the song; adding that Matt had a strong falsetto. Sean was not as enthusiastic about the falsetto; saying that it wasn’t as beautiful as it could be. But Sean did feel it was an excellent performance. DJ simply said, “I wanna see a challenge.” After gettng three yeses, Matt chose to challenge Whitney Reign who took on Carole King and Aretha Franklin with “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” and brought the house down. For his challenge performance Matt sang “Tennessee Whiskey”. After the audience vote, Whitney retained her seat as one of “The Four”.

The next singer to perform was rapper Lil Bri who had Sean bopping as she rapped. Fergie said, only 17 and you did that. Saying that she is a massive fan, Meghan called Lil Bri a young legend. Sean loved her poise on the stage; adding that she looked comfortable up there and represented Hip Hop the way it should be. DJ Khaled simply said that it was incredible. Lil Bri got three yeses and the right to challenge. Saying that she loves a battle between two female rappers, Lil Bri chose Sharaya J who is having some voice issue and a has a scratchy throat. Bad throat and all, Sharaya J holds on to her seat as one of “The Four”.

Jame Graham is the only one of “The Four” remaining that can be challenged tonight.

Saying that Meghan is always talking about playing a ukulele, DJ Khaled pulls out one and gives it to her to play. She does a little of “All About that Bass”.

Puerto Rican born Christian Gonzalez is looking to live the dreams of himself nad his father. The 16 year old performed in Spanish singing an Enriquq Iglesias song. Calling Christian one of those tricky ones; an impressed Meghan said he had some incredible dancer with a crazy voice. Sean liked the tones in Christian’s voice and breath control; adding that he felt the freedom in Christian’s dance moves. While DJ thought that Christian did a great job, he questioned whether he could beat James. With three yeses, James got his challenge. This was the first time on the show that everyone of “The Four” were challenged on the same night. James came out swinging with a performance of the Stevie Wonder song “Lately”. This time around Christian chose to sing in English with a song by Drake. So far all of “The Four” have held on to their seats, will James make it unanimous?

In the final decision of the night, James holds on to his seat. With that all members of “The Four” have successfully defended their spots.