Ever since Gene Roddenberry created the original “Star Trek” series, fans have discussed, argued, moaned, and complained about what should and should not be considered “real” “Star Trek”.

Last year a new television series called “Discovery” launched and saw enough success that CBS renewed it for another season.

But it will not stop there…

Discovery” co-creator, producer, and writer Alex Kurtzman has agreed to a five year contract extension to create more Trek that will include a new television series, a mini series, and an animated series. The deal will also allow CBS access to all future Kurtzman created content via his Secret Hideout company; giving Trek fans even more to discuss and argue about.

Production for season two of “Discovery” is currently underway.

Along with his numerous “Star Trek” credentials, Kurtman has worked on “Now You See Me”, “Transformers”, “Instinct”, “Salvation”, “Scorpion”, “Mission Impossible III”, “The Proposal”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Fringe”, “Alias”, and is currently a member of the “Hawaii Five-O’ production team.